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Hello Good People in this Wild World - I was able to put some photos and music of our trip on my Facebook page. Hope you can grab a few minutes to view it, it says it all and would save me so much typing! The pictures spell out the joy and we had only expected a visit with Gregís mom and sister and ended up with a treasure chest of memories to keep - and a Les Paul Ukulele as a souvenir of the Gibson Factory! We played it Sat. night at Trailside and it was a hoot.

This weekend is a big party weekend being St. Patís with several live music options but REMEMBER THIS SUNDAY at The Lab at 4:30 is the impressive Sunday showcases featuring The Nell & Jim Band below. I highly recommend you get your pre-sale tickets for best seating when you hit the ticket info/link below

A super extraordinary link of the week at the end - attention DRUMMERS and people who love drummers. Never have I seen one like this before, nor will I probably ever. Check it out. Thanks for reading and supporting live music. Enjoy the scroll.

16 Mar 2018 ~ Fri  
6:00 pm - 9:00pm
Kiki Wow & Friends
Easy Listening
Courtside Bistro   831-484-6000
Chamisal Tennis Club ~ Off Laureles Grade
Great Food & Music

Every first and third Friday at Chamisalís Courtside Bistro we invite different music friends to be our featured artist. Come and enjoy the complimentary appetizers!

About: Always great fun featuring different musicians from Monterey County to add to the flavorful sounds and songs of Kiki Wow, as well as many classic covers that are all time favorites. We have a really great time and hope you will join us.

17 Mar 2018 ~ Sat  
6:00 pm - 9:00pm
Vick Silva
Trailside Cafe   831-298-7453
3 Del Fino Place, Carmel Valley
Bluesy Reggae

Two locals hit it hard with all your favorite songs. Vick delivers a great bluesy feel and Rod Wilson joining him on percussion.

About: Am humbly grateful for the gift of Music. Writing, Singing, Recording, and Performing music is all that I am. Sharing Music with everyone is what I am, When Music is your life, it doesn`t get better than that....... No one is better than anyone else "We Are" all musical Brothers & Sisters. We share our dreams and passion through Music........ "Loving Music" there`s room for all. To attend a Vick Silva performance is to feel the Blues, Celebrate Reggae, and Breathe the timeless energy of Rock and Roll. Oh yes, then that`s when man and guitar become one and Magical Moments ensue........ Not enough people know about Vick Silva, I . . . More »

17 Mar 2018 ~ Sat  
6:30 pm - 9:30pm
The Proudest Monkeys
Dance / Classic Rock / Covers
Caffe Trieste   831-241-6064
409 Alvarado Ave., Monterey
St. Patricks Day

This great group will kick up the dirt and make you dance in your seat, even stand up and dance. They are taking over the scene in Monterey - come early for best seating.

About: The Proudest Monkeys is a musical collective operating out of Monterey, California. In 2016, band leader Trevor Lucier released the album, "Destruction of the Species", to a welcoming, and supportive local music scene. Following a successful first show, which was declared one of the area`s best shows of the year by local publication The Monterey County Weekly; the rest of the group came together around a mutual conviction that music is a potent resource in the movement to bring humanity closer together. With this ideal in mind, The Proudest Monkeys have set out to perform all over the Central California Area in an effort to brin . . . More »

17 Mar 2018 ~ Sat  
7:00 pm - 8:00pm
Angels` Share
Celtic Folk
Bakai Wine & Tapas   831.324.0862
420 Tyler St., Monterey
Celtic Irish Music

Need a little Irish music to kick off your St. Patrickís Day celebration? Angels’ Share will hit the spot.

About: The Angels` share are Monterey Peninsula artists who play the lively and evocative "pure drop" tunes of Ireland and Scotland. Close your eyes and the music will take you to a delightful place, where the weather is cool, the "craic" is warm, and where there may be a wee dram waiting for you at a place by the fire. Pete Braccio--Bouzouki, Mandolin: Pete has a BA in Physics and Astronomy and an MS in Physics so, of course, heís been a ditch digger, a waiter, a bouncer, a bartender, a Naval Officer, an Oceanographer, and a Computer Network Administrator. He has one wife, two daughters, three cats, and many mandolins, guitars, whis . . . More »

18 Mar 2018 ~ Sun  
4:30 pm - 6:30pm
  $ 20 Donation
Nell & Jim Band
Country Western
The Lab in The Barnyard   831-235-7662
Mouth of the Valley
Going Places

Iíve done several shows in the last five years with Nell & Jim Band and every time they come to perform, they are more outstanding than the last time. They pick up new players and they are unstoppable. Superb vocals and musicianship - get your tickets early, thatís all I can say.

About: Nell & Jim Band bring together genre-busting artists and joyful music infused with folk, bluegrass, americana, roots, swing, jazz, and blues. Alt-Roots, Folkbilly Ė whatever you call it Ė itís original, well done, and a pleasure to hear. Featuring Nell Robinson on flute & vocals, Jim Nunally on guitar & vocals, Jim Kerwin on bass fiddle, Jon Arkin on percussion, and Rob Reich on accordion & keyboards, this is truly an all-star band. Nell Robinson Nell Robinson has been described as a ďmodern day Patsy ClineĒ and ďone of the freshest voices in roots music.Ē Her side-projects, from the poignancy of Soldier Stories to the whimsy . . . More »

16 Mar ~ 6:00 pm
Kiki Wow & Friends

Easy Listening
Courtside Bistro

17 Mar ~ 6:00 pm
Vick Silva

Trailside Cafe

17 Mar ~ 6:30 pm
The Proudest Monkeys

Dance / Classic Rock / Covers
Caffe Trieste

17 Mar ~ 7:00 pm
Angels` Share

Celtic Folk
Bakai Wine & Tapas

18 Mar ~ 4:30 pm
Nell & Jim Band

Country Western
The Lab in The Barnyard

23 Mar ~ 6:30 pm
Shilstone & Wilson

Favorite Classics
Caffe Trieste

24 Mar ~ 6:30 pm
Vick Silva

Caffe Trieste

25 Mar ~ 11:30 am
Kiki Wow

Easy Listening
KPIG Featured Artist
With Sleepy John

30 Mar ~ 6:30 pm
Dan Frechette

Caffe Trieste

31 Mar ~ 6:30 pm
The Fields of Eden

Easy Listening
Caffe Trieste

1 Apr
6 Apr ~ 6:30 pm
Dave Holodiloff

Caffe Trieste

Call 831-235-7662 if youíd like to perform


SatMar 17 The Proudest Monkeys ~ Dance / Classic Rock / Covers
FriMar 23 Shilstone & Wilson ~ Favorite Classics
SatMar 24 Vick Silva ~ Blues
FriMar 30 Dan Frechette ~ Americana
SatMar 31 The Fields of Eden ~ Easy Listening
FriApr 6 Dave Holodiloff ~ Bluegrass
SatApr 7 Joel Kemps ~ Funk / Jazz / Blues
FriApr 13 Amy Obenski ~ Acoustic Indie
SatApr 21 Tom Lawson ~ Blues
TueApr 24 Vick Silva ~ Blues
SatApr 28 The Fields of Eden ~ Easy Listening
FriMay 4 Claude Bourbon ~ Blues
FriMay 25 The Fields of Eden ~ Easy Listening
SatMay 26 Dan Frechette ~ Americana


FRIDAYS & SATURDAYS       6:30-9:30PM

Great Italian Food


SatMar 17 Angels` Share ~ Celtic Folk
SatMay 5 Boscoeís Brood ~ Singer/Songwriter

Kiki Wow & Friends Friday at Chamisal 6-8pm


JW Winslow Fresh Art Show

Co-Founder of Nitty Gritty Dirt Band!

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Wes Kelley & The Lazy Boyz


Green Time of Year
Greg and I will be playing with Ron Beckett on bass at Chamisal on 3rd Friday of this month at the Courtside Bistro from 6-8pm. Wear your Green and be Seen!  

This Friday at Chamisal

  photo by Kiki Wow

Ron, Greg & I perform on 1st and 3rd Fridays at Chamisalís Courtside Bistro from 6-8pm. We invite you to check it out. You donít have to be a member and the view is great! Itís an early show and weíll get your home by 8:30. :) Thereís always complimentary appetizers and on the 3rd Friday, thereís complimentary wine tasting, what? Thatís right - come and get your fill as they feature different wineries - sure is fun.  

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Kikiís Water Fitness Classes -- GREAT WORKOUT!

The pool is a nice 82 degrees, super comfortable to work out in. Itís fun and you will feel the results immediately. Come and work out with me in the water:

I teach 10-11AM every Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays at Chamisal Pool

Hope you can try it out. Feel the power of the water and work against the currents you create - itís an awesome workout because your body stays cool while you work hard.

∑ Aqua is for EVERYONE Ė aqua is a great workout for any age group or skill level

∑ Community Ė the aqua community is one of the closest in the . . . More »     chamisal.com

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Link of the Week !

This is an INCREDIBLY ENTERTAINING video of a drummer I had not heard of prior to Greg showing me this link. Iíve never seen anyone play the drums like this, nor do I ever expect to. Like Wow Man!


May your week be filled with great surprises.

Yer pal,

- Kiki Wow!

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