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Happy New Year 2018 to All! I am so excited about the "fresh start" of the New Year. Greg and I started the new year by moving to a much bigger place off San Benancio and we are so so so so happy! It’s beautiful here and the garden is utterly awesome. Greg gave me an electric tea maker for Christmas so I make it a point to take a cup of tea outside and be in the garden every morning. Its so calming to hear the lovely running water fountain and feel the gentle breeze, the sunlight casting brilliant shadows in just the right way, its such a turn on and inspires me. I love getting this organized and taking stuff out of storage and reacquainting myself with memorabilia from the past. We brought in the New Year 2018 playing guitars and I am so very thankful and grateful for this time in my life, the jobs that I do, the people and pets I’m blessed to spend time with.

Yes, packing and moving is a bitch but I do my best not to bitch. It’s been truly exciting, moreso than any other move. Everything fits perfectly in every place I want it. Feels miraculous. Greg is working on his studio, he’s so happy too. I don’t know if I’m just a late bloomer or what, but my life feels more in sync than ever before.

Take a gander at the 2018 calendar below with very exciting performers, shows, events and parties in store. Many of you have expressed interested in hosting a house concert and if that’s you, please hit reply so we can line some people coming on tour interested in a more intimate show. Again, you do nothing but provide the space and I take it from there.

The link of the week at the end of this blast is a fantastic song that applies to us all, no one is left out, brilliant lyrics and a great way to start your new year/week/month. Thanks for reading and supporting live music. Enjoy the scroll.

5 Jan 2018 ~ Fri  
6:00 pm - 9:00pm
The Fields of Eden
with Bill Overton
Courtside Bistro   831-484-6000
Chamisal Tennis Club ~ Off Laureles Grade
Great Food & Music

I always invite music friends up to play with us, so if you’re a musician, come on by and sit in with us. It’s a hoot - and the food is delicious! Come and enjoy the complimentary appetizers! Our featured musician is Bill Overton from My Front Porch and bassist Ron Beckett!

About: Singer/Songwriter, Kiki Wow, plays regularly throughout the Monterey Peninsula both classic favorites and original songs. Her engaging vocals and rhythm guitar hit a delightful and familiar chord that has her audiences singing along from the first song on. Greg Edenfield, drummer and mix engineer, puts the right rhythm to all of the songs. He`s got a different kit for each gig, really fun to watch. Ron Beckett is a great new bass player in the area. He`s also a mummy archeologist! Such a pleasure to have Ron keeping the bottom end full of rhythm.

5 Jan 2018 ~ Fri  
6:30 pm - 9:30pm
Robert Elmond Stone
Caffe Trieste   831-241-6064
409 Alvarado Ave., Monterey
Country Western Style

Country music the way your Mama likes it! He’s a winsome character in his new Stetson hat. Gotta check Robert Elmond Stone out, he’s got the music in his soul.

About: A native Californian Robert Elmond Stone grew up on the road, a military brat in air force. `Used sing some of these old songs as a youngster with his mom. His father was big on jazz and classical so he grew up with lots of musical influences and began playin` young. Much music in the house. He rediscovered his musical roots and heritage one day when he just happened to sing some old country tune and " Whoa, that felt right, just fell into place". Been singin country music ever since.

6 Jan 2018 ~ Sat  
6:30 pm - 9:30pm
Zack Freitas
Acoustic Indie
Caffe Trieste   831-241-6064
409 Alvarado Ave., Monterey
Soulful Acoustic Rock

Zack has made his mark on Monterey and has lots of people who believe in him and that his talent will take him places. He sings with all of his heart and writes some great original songs.

About: When I tell people I play music, they naturally ask me, "What kind of music do you play?". The easiest way to explain that is to describe what they already know. Include a genre and a few bands I like, and that`s how I sound. At face value in a conversation that works just fine and then we can change the subject. But what people may not understand is I just simply write brutally honest music from my heart. As a songwriter, there`s particular things I`ll draw from, mainly experiences I have. I tend to work with themes such as depression, social commentary, angst, existentialism, & dependence (whether it be a substance, or love fr . . . More »

12 Jan 2018 ~ Fri  
6:30 pm - 9:30pm
Amy Obenski
Caffe Trieste   831-241-6064
409 Alvarado Ave., Monterey
Super Solo

Amy has got her act down. From piano to guitar, she has a voice that will melt you from the inside out...and outstanding original songs as well.

About: Amy Obenski’s soothing yet powerful vocals lay at the forefront of her music treating each word with care and attention. The music glides seamlessly between Folk, Jazz and Rock, with her vocals shape-shifting to fit the mood. With what have been described as “gripping” lyrics and “haunting” vocals, Amy’s songs are conveyed to the audience on an extraordinarily intimate level.

In 2007 her song, “Carousel”, was heard on the TV show Grey’s Anatomy, taking the song to number twenty-three on the iTunes Folk Chart. Before that, her second album had been receiving play on MTV’s program, MADE, which is still using her music today. Both su . . . More »

13 Jan 2018 ~ Sat  
6:30 pm - 9:30pm
Int`l Songwriters Showcase
Caffe Trieste   831-241-6064
409 Alvarado Ave., Monterey
Such a Treat

This is such a great/popular night of singer/songwriters - we enjoy each artist and the new songs they have just created and written together to showcase.

About: Come and enjoy the fabulous songwriters are from all over the world presented by Brett Perkins, founder and host of the International Songwriters Retreat. This special concert presentation of new songs co-written during the previous week on the annual Listening Room International Songwriters Retreat in Ben Lomond. One of the foreign artists featured will be French songwriter Magali Michaut www.magalimichaut.com

5 Jan ~ 6:00 pm
The Fields of Eden

with Bill Overton at
Courtside Bistro

5 Jan ~ 6:30 pm
Robert Elmond Stone

Caffe Trieste

6 Jan ~ 6:30 pm
Zack Freitas

Acoustic Indie
Caffe Trieste

7 Jan
12 Jan ~ 6:30 pm
Amy Obenski

Caffe Trieste

13 Jan ~ 6:30 pm
Int`l Songwriters Showcase

Caffe Trieste

14 Jan
19 Jan ~ 6:00 pm
Kiki Wow & Friends

with Dan Frechette at
Courtside Bistro

19 Jan ~ 6:30 pm
Kyle Kovalik &
Richard Bryant

Acoustic Indie
Caffe Trieste

19 Jan ~ 6:30 pm
The Proudest Monkeys

Alternative / Indie
Caffe Trieste

20 Jan ~ 6:00 pm
The Fields of Eden

Acoustic Folk / Indie
Trailside Cafe Beer Garden

21 Jan
26 Jan ~ 6:30 pm
Wes Kelley & The Blackhawks

Caffe Trieste

Call 831-235-7662 if you’d like to perform


FriJan 5 Robert Elmond Stone ~ Country
SatJan 6 Zack Freitas ~ Acoustic Indie
FriJan 12 Amy Obenski ~ Singer/Songwriter
SatJan 13 Int`l Songwriters Showcase ~ Singer/Songwriter
FriJan 19 Kyle Kovalik & Richard Bryant ~ Acoustic Indie
FriJan 19 The Proudest Monkeys ~ Alternative / Indie
FriJan 26 Wes Kelley & The Blackhawks ~ Americana
SatJan 27 The Fields of Eden ~ Acoustic Folk / Indie
FriFeb 2 Robert Elmond Stone ~ Country
SatFeb 3 Vick Silva ~ Blues
SatFeb 10 Boscoe’s Brood ~ Singer/Songwriter
SatFeb 17 The Proudest Monkeys ~ Acoustic Indie
SatFeb 24 The Fields of Eden ~ Acoustic Folk / Indie
FriMar 2 Robert Elmond Stone ~ Country
SatMar 10 Boscoe’s Brood ~ Singer/Songwriter
SatMar 17 The Proudest Monkeys ~ Acoustic Indie
FriMay 4 Claude Bourbon ~ Blues
SatAug 11 Rupert Wates ~ Acoustic Folk / Indie


FRIDAYS & SATURDAYS       6:30-9:30PM

Great Italian Food

Cheers To Everyone for a Blessed Year

This Cowboy Sings Good CountryRoberts Website

Amy’s On Fire Amy’s Website

Special Show

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GREAT FREE SHOWCASE: Int’l Songwriters

  photo by Brett Perkins




Music lovers are in for a special night of newly minted songs on Saturday, January 13th at 6:30pm at Caffe Trieste located at 409 Alvarado St. in Monterey by songwriters from Denmark, Greenland and the US, fresh from the annual California Listening Room International Songwriters Retreat held in Ben Lomond, CA. Musical host, Brett Perkins, founded the retreats in 2002, where songwriters of all levels fro . . . More »     Brett Perkins website

New Winter Hours 10-11AM

  photo by Paddle Board Classes

Kiki’s Water Fitness Classes -- GREAT WORKOUT!

Want to feel better now? It starts right now. Today - It’s fun and you will feel the results immediately. Come and work out with me in the water:

I teach 10-11AM every Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays at Chamisal Pool

Hope you can try it out. Feel the power of the water and work against the currents you create - it’s an awesome workout because your body stays cool while you work hard.

· Aqua is for EVERYONE – aqua is a great workout for any age group or skill level

· Community – the aqua community is one of the closest in the club – come . . . More »     chamisal.com

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Link of the Week !

Sent in by Helen Maslocka, this is AN AWESOME song written by Rupert Wates (who will be touring here in August) that includes EVERY ONE OF US - and very much worth the listen. I know it will touch your heart as it did mine...a great way to start out the new year/week/month! Enjoy.

May your week be filled with great surprises.

Yer pal,

- Kiki Wow!

A new year of goals and dreams

For bookings or comments: kikiwow@mac.com