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Greetings Sad People,

Itís with a heavy heart I write this week - and its hard to write about íwhat to do this weekendí when the world is in such a sad state. Our hearts = sorrowful, and our heads = confused by the insanity we witness month after month from rebellious souls. I do my best to keep this blast light hearted and fun filled but I canít hide that I am deeply grieved by the news of Tom Pettyís passing and the Las Vegas massacre, as Iím sure you are too. Iíve read so many outrageous comments on Facebook about it, I ranted on it below if you have the time to read.

If your mind/heart needs a break from the heaviness, we are playing this Friday at Chamisalís Courtside Bistro with my band and joining us is our guest, Tom Lawson, as our featured performer. Iím excited heís going to sing/play "Natureís Way" with me by Spirit. This is an early show from 6-8pm. Details below, hope you will join us. This Saturday night we will be at Caffe Trieste in Monterey so pop on over.

The REALLY BIG SHOW is a HOUSE CONCERT THIS SUNDAY at the Bakers in Carmel Valley at 3-6pm featuring Dan Frechette and Laurel Thomsen who have just returned from Europe on tour. They have some great stories and new songs!

The link of the week below features our beloved Tom Pettyís Last Dance. Enjoy. Thank you for supporting live music and local musicians - and for reading my blast for so many years.

6 Oct 2017 ~ Fri  
6:00 pm - 8:00pm
Kiki Wow & Friends
with Tom Lawson
Courtside Bistro   831-484-6000
Chamisal Tennis Club ~ Off Laureles Grade
We LOVE Playing

Every 1st Friday of the month at Chamisalís Courtside Bistro is where the fun is. Be sure to catch Kiki Wow & Friends - great timeless music - our featured performer is blues pianist Tom Lawson!

About: Always great fun featuring different musicians from Monterey County to add to the flavorful sounds and songs of Kiki Wow, as well as many classic covers that are all time favorites. We have a really great time and hope you will join us.

6 Oct 2017 ~ Fri  
6:30 pm - 9:30pm
Mark Shilstone & Rod Wilson
Favorite Classics
Caffe Trieste   831-241-6064
409 Alvarado Ave., Monterey
Great Combo

This duo plays some great covers, and gets a great response from the audience. Enjoy your wonderful Italian food with this delightful duo.

About: Between them, Mark Shilstone and Rod Wilson have more than a centuryís worth of experience as musicians. Mark has fronted numerous rock and roll bands over the years and as a solo musician has opened for the likes of John Sebastian (The Loviní Spoonful) and Roger McGuinn (The Byrds). Rod, a percussionist who started playing drums in the 6th grade, is a fixture on the rock scene here on the Monterey peninsula, and along the way has opened for a number of headliners including Eric Burdon and the Animals, Cold Blood, Billy Preston and Tower of Power, just to name a few. Although they never met until both had lived here on the penins . . . More »

7 Oct 2017 ~ Sat  
6:30 pm - 9:30pm
Kiki Wow & Friends
Easy Listening
Caffe Trieste   831-241-6064
409 Alvarado Ave., Monterey
Great Food & Music

I always invite music friends up to play with us, so if youíre a musician, come on by and sit in with us. Itís a hoot - and the food is delicious! Glad to have Ron Beckett back to play bass with us.

About: Always great fun featuring different musicians from Monterey County to add to the flavorful sounds and songs of Kiki Wow, as well as many classic covers that are all time favorites. We have a really great time and hope you will join us.

8 Oct 2017 ~ Sun  
3:00 pm - 6:00pm
  $ 20 Donation
Dan Frechette & Laurel Thomsen
Acoustic Folk / Indie
Private Home  
House Concert
CV House Concert

Our house concerts are top notch. Especially at the Bakers. If you want something awesome to do in Carmel Valley on a Sunday afternoon, donít miss this touring, full time musical duo - super talented and so much fun. Call me or email me for details at 831-235-7662

About: Meeting via a chance YouTube sighting and fueled by a rare musical chemistry, Dan Frechette, guitar/vocals, and Laurel Thomsen, violin/vocals, both powerful and magnetic talents in their own rights, prove that musical magic is not only possible, but alive and well. In a relatively short time frame, the Alt-folk duo has overcome adversity to circumnavigate North America, logging over 25,000 miles, 130 concerts, and releasing their debut CD. With influences ranging from Folk, Classical, Old Time, and Celtic, to Gospel, Jazz, Vintage Country, Rock N` Roll, Blues, and Bluegrass, Dan and Laurel flow seamlessly through genres, tempos, . . . More »

13 Oct 2017 ~ Fri  
6:30 pm - 9:30pm
Funk / Jazz / Blues
Caffe Trieste   831-241-6064
409 Alvarado Ave., Monterey
Duo Delivers

Together with multi-instrumentalist, Craig Jardstrom, Ginsing has some great songs and are delightful.

About: "Ginsing is a trio of wide musical variety. Our roots consist of Dixieland, Jazz, Blues, Rock and Classical. Weíve individually played on cruise ships, theatrical stages, clubs, private homes and many other community based outdoor events. Ginny, Cassy and Craig like to be diversified in their sound and appeal to the audience."

5 Oct
6 Oct ~ 6:00 pm
Kiki Wow & Friends

with Tom Lawson at
Courtside Bistro

6 Oct ~ 6:30 pm
Mark Shilstone &
Rod Wilson

Favorite Classics
Caffe Trieste

7 Oct ~ 6:30 pm
Kiki Wow & Friends

Easy Listening
Caffe Trieste

8 Oct ~ 3:00 pm
Dan Frechette &
Laurel Thomsen

Acoustic Folk / Indie
Private Home

12 Oct
13 Oct ~ 6:30 pm

Funk / Jazz / Blues
Caffe Trieste

14 Oct ~ 6:30 pm
Tom Lawson

Caffe Trieste

15 Oct
19 Oct
20 Oct ~ 6:00 pm
Kiki Wow & Friends

Easy Listening
Courtside Bistro

20 Oct ~ 6:30 pm
Kenny Stahl

Caffe Trieste

21 Oct ~ 6:30 pm
Hannah Smalltree

Soul Rock
Caffe Trieste

22 Oct
26 Oct ~ 6:30 pm
Karrie Pavish Anderson

Private Home

27 Oct ~ 6:30 pm
Karrie Pavish Anderson

Caffe Trieste

27 Oct ~ 6:30 pm
Kiki Wow & Friends

Easy Listening
The Barnyard

Call 831-235-7662 if youíd like to perform


FriOct 6 Mark Shilstone & Rod Wilson ~ Favorite Classics
SatOct 7 Kiki Wow & Friends ~ Easy Listening
FriOct 13 Ginsing ~ Funk / Jazz / Blues
SatOct 14 Tom Lawson ~ Blues
FriOct 20 Kenny Stahl ~ Jazz
SatOct 21 Hannah Smalltree ~ Soul Rock
FriOct 27 Karrie Pavish Anderson ~ Singer/Songwriter
SatOct 28 Johnny Tsunami ~ Alternative / Indie
SatNov 4 Wes Kelley & The Blackhawks ~ Singer/Songwriter
SatNov 11 Kiki Wow & Friends ~ Easy Listening
FriNov 17 Robert Elmond Stone ~ Country
FriNov 24 Boscoeís Brood ~ Singer/Songwriter
SatNov 25 David Vidal ~ American Roots
FriDec 8 Kiki Wow & Friends ~ Easy Listening
FriDec 15 Zack Freitas ~ Acoustic Indie
SatDec 23 Boscoeís Brood ~ Singer/Songwriter


FRIDAYS & SATURDAYS       6:30-9:30PM

Great Italian Food

JW Winslow Fresh Art ShowCheck out the website

RSVP This Week for This Concert in CV 10/8Photo by Dan Frechette & Laurel Thomsen   Call Kiki to RSVP 831-235-7662

Local Art Class by Deborah Russell

Peter Hustedt Spanish Guitarist on 10/21 at 7:30

Beautiful Music by This Beautiful LadyHannahs website

Are you looking for a place to live, or know someone who is? We have a house and a room available in Seaside for rent. Call me for details at 831-235-7662 or hit reply to this email. Just 2 minutes from the ocean.  

Appreciating my Quality Time with my daughter Jazmyn in Paso Robles. We had an awesome Airbnb there and went wine tasting, dining, dancing - it was a blast. I laugh with my daughter more than anyone else in the world. Amazing.  

House Concerts HUGE SUCCESS

  photo by Kiki Wow

Enjoy this week’s house concert in Carmel Valley featuring Dan Frechette and Laurel Thomsen returning from their European tour at 3pm

Call me at 831-235-7662 if you would like to attend and also if you would like to host a house concert.


All You Need to Know About House Concerts: FAQs:


A: ABSOLUTELY ANYONE! You can live anywhere. You donít have to have any experience, or any involvement of any kind with the music business. You donít have to be a musician. All you need is a place thatís suitable, (a house, apartment, living room, deck or patio, etc. Places big . . . More »   Call Kiki at 831-235-7662

My Rant on Good vs. Evil
I see a lot of political comments on Facebook and it makes me crazy although I donít reply. I donít see this horrific act of bloodshed (as well as the others) as left vs. right, Dems vs. Reps, the Presidentís fault or the RNAís. I clearly see this as good vs. evil in the hearts of those instigating harm and this evil is very real and on a scale that scares us all. This war of good vs. evil has existed since the beginning as addressed and recorded throughout the entire Bible,. Itís just that people stopped reading it. It use to be the code of living but modern people are turned off by it and not inclined to read it. Too many h . . . More »  

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Try thinking of a creative vow and write it down. Make it something like: I vow to give at least one compliment to someone each day and Iíll try to control my anger by counting in my head before reacting.

Donít think of happiness as a mood, but as a philosophy of life.

BE THANKFUL. A key component of happiness is acceptance - learning to be grateful of what you have. A lot of people know it but donít keep it in their minds. Comparing your life with othersí is dangerous. Accept the gifts you have and know that no one is better than or less than anyone elseís. Keep a "gratitude journal." Ever . . . More »  

Every Fourth Friday in October - Last One
The Barnyard Shopping Village invites you to A Gathering of Art & Wine every 4th Friday from 6-8pm. This 5 month sunset series in October. We welcome you to explore, engage and experience our community of wonderful and talented artists at their galleries as you stroll through our gardens enjoying entertaining music provided by The Arts Council for Monterey County and savor a selection of Monterey County Wines.

THIS MONTH FEATuRES MY BAND! Please Come - Oct. 27 6-8pm!     More Info go to

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Kikiís Water Fitness Classes -- GREAT WORKOUT!

Want to feel better now? It starts right now. Today - Itís fun and you will feel the results immediately. Come and work out with me in the water:

I teach 9:30-10:30 AM every Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays at Chamisal Pool

Hope you can try it out. Feel the power of the water and work against the currents you create - itís an awesome workout because your body stays cool while you work hard.

∑ Aqua is for EVERYONE Ė aqua is a great workout for any age group or skill level

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Free Kittens born the day of the Eclipse

We had a stray cat find our house about a month ago. She is black and beautiful green eyes. We call her Black Betty and she surprised us the day of the Eclipse with five black kittens. We have 3 kitties left. Anyone needing a companion, we are giving them away.

Call me at 235-7662

Any takers????<  

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Link of the Week !

This weekís link is a video of Tom Petty of a song my band covers in his honor, "Mary Jane’s Last Dance" - an icon in excellent songwriting of hit after hit. My memories are so rich driving around in my black convertible Mustang 5.0 with Tom Petty cranked singing out loud and free. It was a free feeling indeed. No one knows when their time is up, its so random. Please let’s be kinder to one another as long as we are alive. Let’s not allow our differences make us mean and hateful toward others that have a different point of view. Enjoy.

May your week be filled with great surprises.

Yer pal,

- Kiki Wow!

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