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Hello Good People in the Land - Such a great Monday fun day with friends in Nature. Driving down the coast to Big Sur has got to be one of the most beautiful stretches of highway in the world. Celebrating our friend Kelli’s birthday, we went to McWay Falls, breakfast at Deetjens, shopping and Bloody Marys at Nepenthe made a most perfect Monday. Time with friends in Nature is a healthy thing. I’m sure I don’t do it nearly enough.

This Friday, an incredible guitarist on tour from England, Claude Bourbon, will be at Caffe Trieste - if you’re in Monterey, catch him, he should really be playing at the Golden State Theater! On Sat., Harpin’ & Clark duo will be at CT for the first time, I LOVE THEM!

Also on Friday, my band will be performing at Chamisal’s Courtside Bistro 6-8 with Terry Shehorn on lead guitar. Non-members are welcome! And this Saturday is Cinco de Mayo - there’s a great show with Boscoe’s Brood and Sam’s talented sister Sus Corez bringing forth their heritage through song and stories at Bakai Wine & Tapas. PLEASE NOTE: This Sunday, May 6th is a major show "To Leonard With Love" a Tribute to Leonard Cohen featuring Smitty and Jujila, a wonderful duo on tour you won’t want to miss at The Lab at 4:30. Tickets can be bought online or at the door.


The Link of the Week below is pretty remarkable - a symphony plays with a cat on a grand piano. Never saw that before - and I really liked the song! Always worth the scroll.

4 May 2018 ~ Fri   (1st of each month)
6:00 pm - 8:00pm
The Fields of Eden
Easy Listening
Courtside Bistro   831-484-6000
Chamisal Tennis Club ~ Off Laureles Grade
Kiki Wow & Friends 1st Fridays

I’ll be singing and playing with Greg E on drums and Ron Beckett bass. Non members are welcome and complimentary appetizers are served early. Get there and enjoy the view and sunset against the castle cliff rocks. .

About: Singer/Songwriter, Kiki Wow, plays regularly throughout the Monterey Peninsula both classic favorites and original songs. Her engaging vocals and rhythm guitar hit a delightful and familiar chord that has her audiences singing along from the first song on. Greg Edenfield, drummer and mix engineer, puts the right rhythm to all of the songs. He`s got a different kit for each gig, really fun to watch. Ron Beckett is a great new bass player in the area. He`s also a mummy archeologist! Such a pleasure to have Ron keeping the bottom end full of rhythm.

4 May 2018 ~ Fri  
6:30 pm - 9:30pm
Claude Bourbon
Caffe Trieste   831-241-6064
409 Alvarado Ave., Monterey
Master of Guitar

You don’t hear players like Claude Bourbon every day - he’s super cool with this multi-styled abilities and medieval blues on tour from Europe.

Medieval & Spanish blues
Guitar & Songs
Born in France in the early 60’s, Claude Bourbon grew up in Switzerland, where he was classically trained. This finger picking guitarist has performed and studied all over the world; he has crafted an unbelievable fusion of classical and jazz, with ethereal Eastern influences, Spanish and Latin elements with strains of Western folk.
The unique Monsieur Bourbon is a formidable performer. He may have his roots in the blues, but he is inspired by music and song from all around the world, taking these sounds and weaving them into a performance of blues, rock, jaz . . . More »

5 May 2018 ~ Sat  
6:30 pm - 9:30pm
Harpin and Clark
Caffe Trieste   831-241-6064
409 Alvarado Ave., Monterey
Dynamic Duo Delivers Jazz Month

Totally entertaining. Super talented with the mouth harp and vocal, Harpin’ Jonny is one heck of a performer - and many he and Peter Clark have so much fun. You find yourself tapping along, you can’t help yourself.

About: HARPIN AND CLARK After playing together in various bands along the central coast over the last 25 years, Harpin Jonny and Peter Clark have joined together to form a dynamic musical experience of warm vocals, finger-picking guitar, and harmonica. Harpin Jonny is a virtuoso harmonica player who has played for over 30 years. He has been featured on several radio and television venues, performed with many bands and currently fronts three bands: The Primadons for the last 25 years, and the Groovehounds for the last 15 years, and The Unpaid Bills for the last seven years. He has recorded on numerous CD projects and has established . . . More »

5 May 2018 ~ Sat  
8:00 pm - 10:00pm
Boscoe’s Brood
with Sus Corez
Bakai Wine & Tapas   831.324.0862
420 Tyler St., Monterey
Cinco de Mayo Special

CINCO DE MAYO PARTY! This will be a great night of Latin music and major hits. Brother and sister team together for one great night of music.

About: BOSCOE’S BROOD (aka Sam Regalado) earned his musical stripes in the Los Angeles coffee house, bar and nightclub scene. Weaned on the music of The Beatles, his tastes and songwriting style eventually expanded and came to include progressive, alternative, harmonic and pop genres; those that today he blends into a creative acoustic sound. Many of his songs are often windows designed to observe the often-quirky lives and habits of everyday people. A veteran road warrior, Boscoe’s Brood has amassed considerable performance miles from San Diego through Seattle, having serenaded music lovers throughout the west with his with guitar, loop, . . . More »

6 May 2018 ~ Sun  
4:30 pm - 6:30pm
  $ 20 Donation
Smitty & Julija
Acoustic Rock
The Lab in The Barnyard   831-235-7662
Mouth of the Valley
To Leonard With Love

A Tribute to Leonard Cohen called "To Leonard With Love" featuring Smitty and Julija recently on KPIG. They played one song and calls came in one after the other, they sold five CDs! Reserve your seats or buys tickets online but don’t miss this show if you are a Leonard Cohen fan.

About: The stage name for Scott Smith…Smitty West in collaboration with Julija Zonic have recently released a tribute album of songs of Leonard Cohen, "Smitty and Julija, To Leonard With Love." They perform regularly in the Ojai Valley, most regularly at Il Giardino Restaurant on Friday nights. Smitty is an award-winning songwriter and music producer, and is also the founder of "Ojai Songwriters Anonymous," a songwriter support group promoting the craft. Smitty`s home is Euterpe Farms, a native plant farm in Ojai, where he produces regular gatherings to celebrate local music and nature. His other activities include international h . . . More »

11 May 2018 ~ Fri  
6:30 pm - 9:30pm
Zack Freitas
Acoustic Indie
Caffe Trieste   831-241-6064
409 Alvarado Ave., Monterey
Lively Fun

Zack is one passionate performer, you will love his stories, voice and original songs.

About: When I tell people I play music, they naturally ask me, "What kind of music do you play?". The easiest way to explain that is to describe what they already know. Include a genre and a few bands I like, and that`s how I sound. At face value in a conversation that works just fine and then we can change the subject. But what people may not understand is I just simply write brutally honest music from my heart. As a songwriter, there`s particular things I`ll draw from, mainly experiences I have. I tend to work with themes such as depression, social commentary, angst, existentialism, & dependence (whether it be a substance, or love fr . . . More »

4 May ~ 6:00 pm
The Fields of Eden

Easy Listening
Courtside Bistro

4 May ~ 6:30 pm
Claude Bourbon

Caffe Trieste

5 May ~ 6:30 pm
Harpin and Clark

Caffe Trieste

5 May ~ 8:00 pm
Boscoe’s Brood

with Sus Corez at
Bakai Wine & Tapas

6 May ~ 4:30 pm
Smitty & Julija

Acoustic Rock
The Lab in The Barnyard

11 May ~ 6:30 pm
Zack Freitas

Acoustic Indie
Caffe Trieste

12 May ~ 6:00 pm
The Fields of Eden

Easy Listening
Trailside Cafe

12 May ~ 6:30 pm
Wes Kelley & The Lazy Boyz

Caffe Trieste

13 May
18 May ~ 6:00 pm
The Fields of Eden

Easy Listening
Courtside Bistro

18 May ~ 6:30 pm
Shilstone & Wilson

Favorite Classics
Caffe Trieste

19 May ~ 6:30 pm
Kenny Stahl

Caffe Trieste

20 May ~ 4:00 pm
Anne Burleigh`s Showcase

Variety Show
Hidden Valley
Music Seminars

25 May ~ 6:30 pm
The Fields of Eden

Easy Listening
Caffe Trieste

Call 831-235-7662 if you’d like to perform


FriMay 4 Claude Bourbon ~ Blues
SatMay 5 Harpin and Clark ~ Blues
FriMay 11 Zack Freitas ~ Acoustic Indie
SatMay 12 Wes Kelley & The Lazy Boyz ~ Americana
FriMay 18 Shilstone & Wilson ~ Favorite Classics
SatMay 19 Kenny Stahl ~ Jazz
FriMay 25 The Fields of Eden ~ Easy Listening
SatMay 26 Dan Frechette ~ Americana
FriJun 1 Gerard Egan ~ Country Western
SatJun 2 Nicole Dillenberg & Marky Starks
FriJun 8 Hilltown ~ Bluegrass
SatJun 9 InBtween w/K Mello & Mike Mahoney ~ Favorite Classics
FriJun 15 Memory Lane ~ Favorite Classics
SatJun 16 Grumbling Ginger ~ Acoustic Indie
FriJun 22 Harpin and Clark ~ Blues
SatJun 23 Vick Silva ~ Blues
FriJun 29 Amy Obenski ~ Acoustic Indie
SatJun 30 The Fields of Eden ~ Easy Listening
SatJul 7 Tommy Faia ~ Singer/Songwriter
FriJul 13 Hilltown ~ Bluegrass
SatJul 14 Wes Speight ~ Blues
FriAug 10 Hilltown ~ Bluegrass
FriSep 7 Hilltown ~ Bluegrass
FriSep 7 Andrea`s Fault Duo ~ Favorite Classics


FRIDAYS & SATURDAYS       6:30-9:30PM

Great Italian Food

420 Tyler St. Monterey
Live Music from 8-10PM


SatMay 5 Boscoe’s Brood & Sus Corez

JW Winslow Fresh Art Show

Kiki Wow & Friends Friday at Chamisal 6-8pmFeaturing Terry Shehorn~

Cinco de Mayo Special at Bakai

"To Leonard With Love" Leonard Cohen TributeGet Tickets or Reserve Seats

Wes Kelley & The Lazy Boyz

Save the Date: A Musical Feast 5/20 at Hidden ValleyPhoto by Bill Burleigh   Vocal Students of Anne Burleigh



An Irresistible Duo that Delivers

Leonard Cohen passed away recently, leaving a incredible legacy of music and poetry that conveys a unique expression of love, sensuality, religion, and the complex social interactions between mankind and womankind. “To Leonard With Love” is a tribute concert to Cohen’s music and poetry presented by internationally-acclaimed musical artists Smitty and Julija. Since their 2012 release of To Leonard With Love (Seven Songs from Leonard Cohen), award-winning singer/songwriters Julija Zonic and Smitty West have performed their interpretations of Cohen’s music to sold-out concert venues in the US and Europe.

Julija Zonic (she respon . . . More »     Get Tickets and Reserve Seats

Music at the Garden Show in CV
Music Line Up at the Garden Show

Here’s the scoop:

Saturday, May 5th

11:00 - 1:00 Andrea’s Fault and

1:00 - 3:00 Rick Chelew solo guitar

Sunday, May 6th

11:00 - 1:00 Rick Chelew (solo guitar)

1:00 - 3:00 Pamela Forman & the PF Flyers, Wendy Fitz & Steve Weber (vocals, piano, bass)



A MUSICAL FEAST - MAY 20TH at HIDDEN VALLEY THEATRE - FREE CONCERT, FREE FOOD -- Doors open at 3:30 - show starts at 4pm

GREAT PREPARATION is underway by all 30 vocalists / Vocal Students of ANNE BURLEIGH, VOCAL COACH & DIRECTOR., including the Carmel Valley Singers! We are having intense rehearsals in order to bring you a remarkable and forever memorable concert.  

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Local Artist - Sam Johnston

"Dinner Time at The Mission Ranch 22 x 28 hand painted by Sam Johnston. Sam also paints family portraits and has painted many homes, families and pets, its amazing someone can illustrate in such detail. Check out his work on his link below - Enjoy!

If you buy one of Sam’s paintings, I get a commission!     See Sam’s Awesome Work

Water Aerobics Class New Time Change

  photo by Chamisal’s Awesome Pool

NOTE: NEW TIME CHANGE - Kiki’s Water Fitness Classes -- GREAT WORKOUT!

The pool is a nice 82 degrees, super comfortable to work out in. It’s fun and you will feel the results immediately. Come and work out with me in the water:

I teach 9:30-10:30 AM every Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays at Chamisal Pool

Hope you can try it out. Feel the power of the water and work against the currents you create - it’s an awesome workout because your body stays cool while you work hard.

Aqua is for EVERYONE – aqua is a great workout for any age group or skill level

· Community – the aqua community is one of the . . . More »     chamisal.com

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This week’s Link of the Week will make any cat lover or classical music fans smile, when I say this cat can play - this cat can play!


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