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Oh Deer Dear

Providing Quality Live Entertainment for the Monterey Peninsula

Hello Dear Ones - I love seeing all the lupins in bloom and dainty flowers of the fields, hills and valleys. I’ve seen so many deer already and they don’t even seem to be afraid of anything around these parts. In Carmel Valley, they rule the road. I love seeing them everywhere and I never stop gasping at their presence. I got to stay in an Italian Villa at the top of grade this past week and my oh my, the view is to live for, complete with deer families. (Now that I’m over 50 - I say everything is to live for instead to die for).

This is a sensational week of music starting with THE Mark Stuart at Caffe Trieste on Friday - he’s on tour and brings to the stage thousands of hours of experience playing music all over the world. It’s a studio player, side man, lead man and one heck of a storyteller. Several other shows Friday and Sat. (including one of mine) but I want to focus on the featured Sunday Showcase "Live at the Lab" featuring Kunkel & Harris (co-founder of The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band) and man, this is one tight duo - air tight. Plan on coming by Sunday at 4:30pm at the Barnyard - doors open at 4pm. These Sunday shows are so special like house concerts are so do make them a part of your weekend.

Have a very light and easy week and check out a very very rare deer on the Link of the Week below - always worth the scroll as you go past the April line up of great music every weekend at several different local venues.

13 Apr 2018 ~ Fri  
6:30 pm - 9:30pm
Mark Stuart
Caffe Trieste   831-241-6064
409 Alvarado Ave., Monterey
He’s So Good!

You won’t get enough of him, he’s a true blue traveling Troubadour. Do your best to catch his show.

About: Mark Stuart will spend 2018 doing what he has always done. He will tour full-time as a musical artist, bringing his years of experience to the stage. Onstage, his focus is on the songs he has penned and recorded, delivered with a soulful singing voice and highly memorable guitar playing. After many years on the Americana/Folk circuit, Stuart has cultivated a very rounded performance. His show consists of storytelling, flashy guitar "chops", and songs that seem to draw from his rock, blues, country, and folk music roots. Mostly, this artist from Tennessee has toured solo or in a notable duo with his wife ("Stacey Earle & Mark . . . More »

13 Apr 2018 ~ Fri  
8:00 pm - 10:00pm
Amy Obenski
Acoustic Indie
Bakai Wine & Tapas   831.324.0862
420 Tyler St., Monterey

She is a delightful performer, sings with such grace, she’s a multi-instrumentalist and a looper. She makes some interesting music and can serenade you while you sip wines from all over the world.

About: Amy Obenski’s soothing yet powerful vocals lay at the forefront of her music treating each word with care and attention. The music glides seamlessly between Folk, Jazz and Rock, with her vocals shape-shifting to fit the mood. With what have been described as “gripping” lyrics and “haunting” vocals, Amy’s songs are conveyed to the audience on an extraordinarily intimate level.

In 2007 her song, “Carousel”, was heard on the TV show Grey’s Anatomy, taking the song to number twenty-three on the iTunes Folk Chart. Before that, her second album had been receiving play on MTV’s program, MADE, which is still using her music today. Both su . . . More »

14 Apr 2018 ~ Sat  
6:00 pm - 9:00pm
The Fields of Eden
Easy Listening
Trailside Cafe   831-298-7453
3 Del Fino Place, Carmel Valley
Great Food & Music

Our band is more and more solid each week that we play. We invite music friends to come up and play with us, so if you’re a musician, come on by and sit in with us. It’s a hoot - and the food is delicious! Happy to have Ron Beckett with us on bass.

About: Singer/Songwriter, Kiki Wow, plays regularly throughout the Monterey Peninsula both classic favorites and original songs. Her engaging vocals and rhythm guitar hit a delightful and familiar chord that has her audiences singing along from the first song on. Greg Edenfield, drummer and mix engineer, puts the right rhythm to all of the songs. He`s got a different kit for each gig, really fun to watch. Ron Beckett is a great new bass player in the area. He`s also a mummy archeologist! Such a pleasure to have Ron keeping the bottom end full of rhythm.

14 Apr 2018 ~ Sat  
8:00 pm - 10:00pm
Joel Kemps
Funk / Jazz / Blues
Caffe Trieste   831-241-6064
409 Alvarado Ave., Monterey

Joel plays it all, not only is he a multi-instrumentalist, he plays all styles. Very talented guy.

About: Joel Kemps is a veteran musician who has played blues, jazz and funk for five decades. He has shared stages with many great blues artists.. Joel has fused the genres of roots music into his own style of bluesy, jazzy, foot tapping grooves. Easy on the ears but polished and palatable, his music will put a smile on your face.

15 Apr 2018 ~ Sun  
4:30 pm - 6:30pm
  $ 20 Donation
Kunkel & Harris
The Lab in The Barnyard   831-235-7662
Mouth of the Valley
Nitty Gritty Dirt Band CoFounder

So excited to have these guys back. They are solid as a rock and they will rock you with some great music. If you want to hear some EXCELLENT songwriting and delivery - DON’T MISS THEM! You can reserve your seats and pay at the door.

About: Kunkel and Harris are San Francisco Bay Area based folk/rock/Americana guitarists, singers and storytellers. Both are songwriters, and accompany each other as they perform their original songs. They sing with strong vocal harmonies and their acoustic sound is complemented with traditional and contemporary instrumentation and arrangements. They are self-described as “Eaglely, Everly, Beatley, Browne”

Bruce Kunkel and Rob Harris met in Sonoma California in the 1970’s where their unique integration of songwriting styles and complementary vocal harmonies were immediately apparent. Their time honored collaboration of song . . . More »

20 Apr 2018 ~ Fri  
6:00 pm - 8:00pm
Kiki Wow & Friends
Easy Listening
Courtside Bistro   831-484-6000
Chamisal Tennis Club ~ Off Laureles Grade
Great Feel

We love playing for our ’Chammy Fammy’ and tonight we will be performing with bassist Jeff Covell. He’s an excellent bassist and singer who play with several local bands!

About: Always great fun featuring different musicians from Monterey County to add to the flavorful sounds and songs of Kiki Wow, as well as many classic covers that are all time favorites. We have a really great time and hope you will join us.

13 Apr ~ 6:30 pm
Mark Stuart

Caffe Trieste

13 Apr ~ 8:00 pm
Amy Obenski

Acoustic Indie
Bakai Wine & Tapas

14 Apr ~ 6:00 pm
The Fields of Eden

Easy Listening
Trailside Cafe

14 Apr ~ 8:00 pm
Joel Kemps

Funk / Jazz / Blues
Caffe Trieste

15 Apr ~ 4:30 pm
Kunkel & Harris

The Lab in The Barnyard

20 Apr ~ 6:00 pm
Kiki Wow & Friends

Easy Listening
Courtside Bistro

21 Apr ~ 6:30 pm
Tom Lawson

Caffe Trieste

22 Apr ~ 4:30 pm
James Lee Stanley

The Lab in The Barnyard

27 Apr ~ 6:30 pm
Vick Silva

Caffe Trieste

28 Apr ~ 6:30 pm
The Fields of Eden

Easy Listening
Caffe Trieste

28 Apr ~ 8:00 pm
Joel Kemps

Funk / Jazz / Blues
Bakai Wine & Tapas

29 Apr ~ 10:30 am
Kiki Wow

Center for Spiritual Living

4 May ~ 6:00 pm
The Fields of Eden

Easy Listening
Courtside Bistro

4 May ~ 6:30 pm
Claude Bourbon

Caffe Trieste

Call 831-235-7662 if you’d like to perform


FriApr 13 Mark Stuart ~ Americana
SatApr 14 Joel Kemps ~ Funk / Jazz / Blues
SatApr 21 Tom Lawson ~ Blues
FriApr 27 Vick Silva ~ Blues
SatApr 28 The Fields of Eden ~ Easy Listening
FriMay 4 Claude Bourbon ~ Blues
SatMay 5 Harpin and Clark ~ Blues
FriMay 11 Zack Freitas ~ Acoustic Indie
SatMay 12 Wes Kelley & The Lazy Boyz ~ Americana
FriMay 18 Shilstone & Wilson ~ Favorite Classics
SatMay 19 Kenny Stahl ~ Jazz
FriMay 25 The Fields of Eden ~ Easy Listening
SatMay 26 Dan Frechette ~ Americana
FriJun 1 Gerard Egan ~ Country Western
SatJun 2 Nicole Dillenberg ~ Singer/Songwriter
FriJun 8 Hilltown ~ Bluegrass
FriJun 15 Memory Lane ~ Favorite Classics
SatJun 16 Grumbling Ginger ~ Acoustic Indie
FriJul 13 Hilltown ~ Bluegrass
FriAug 10 Hilltown ~ Bluegrass
FriSep 7 Hilltown ~ Bluegrass


FRIDAYS & SATURDAYS       6:30-9:30PM

Great Italian Food

420 Tyler St. MontereyLive Music from 8-10PM


FriApr 13 Amy Obenski ~ Acoustic Indie
SatApr 28 Joel Kemps ~ Funk / Jazz / Blues
SatMay 5 Boscoe’s Brood ~ Singer/Songwriter

Looper/Singer/Songwriter from SF Amy ObenskiAmy’s Website

2nd Saturdays of the Month in CV

Mark Stuart at Caffe Trieste this Friday Guitar Pro & Great Songwriter

Co-Founder of Nitty Gritty Dirt Band!

JW Winslow Fresh Art Show

Earth Day - Big Event on April 22

Annual Garden Show in Carmel Valley

Save the Date: A Musical Feast 5/20 at Hidden ValleyPhoto by Bill Burleigh   Vocal Students of Anne Burleigh

"To Leonard With Love" Leonard Cohen TributeGet Tickets or Reserve Seats

Wes Kelley & The Lazy Boyz

Wes Kelley’s Guitars for Sale











TV and Radio Time for Kiki Wow
I’ve had the great opportunities to be on JW Winslow’s TV Show featuring local arts and entertainment. Last week my band was featured on KPIG Radio 107.5 FM on "Please Stand By" and co-host with David Marzetti on The Shag Bag Show on KION 101.1 FM on Saturday mornings. I’m so grateful for this great exposure so I can let people know about the concerts I produce and do my very best to encourage people to attend. When you attend, you are really helping the arts & entertainers so vital to keeping us sane.

I also thank the press, Beth Peerless at Monterey Herald, Chris Counts at the Carmel Pine Cone, and the several writ . . . More »  

Stax Records in Memphis
So many records on the wall - we came home and got the record player working again - sat down and listened contently to every sound. It was wonderful - it was romantic - it was peaceful. I don’t think you can get or have anyone’s attention anymore for even an entire song, let alone an entire album. Lots of things competing for our attention. Yikes.  

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Dear Kiki:

I am honored that you share your personal thoughts/feelings with the world. I am still trying to find a comfortable place to put my grief from my Dad’s death. Sometimes, I laugh at the memories sometimes i cry and sometimes it just hurts. Filled with missing wanting sadness. Your beauty and your spirit is so life affirming. You show me a way to honor the grief, share with a smile and keep the hope in your heart.

Thank you always for being you. Even though I am 3,016 miles away. Your spirit touches me and ripples throughout the universe:-) Best to you and your new husband!!!!!

Tracy K

  Trees outside of MLK’s hotel

Local Artist - Sam Johnston

"Birds at the Shore" 18 x 24 hand painted by Sam Johnston. Sam also paints family portraits and has painted many homes, families and pets, its amazing someone can illustrate in such detail. Check out his work on his link below - Enjoy!

If you buy one of Sam’s paintings, I get a commission!     See Sam’s Awesome Work

Water Aerobics Class New Time Change

  photo by Elvis’ Pool in Memphis


The pool is a nice 82 degrees, super comfortable to work out in. It’s fun and you will feel the results immediately. Come and work out with me in the water:

I teach 9:30-10:30 AM every Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays at Chamisal Pool but starting April 10th we start at 9:30-10:30AM

Hope you can try it out. Feel the power of the water and work against the currents you create - it’s an awesome workout because your body stays cool while you work hard.

· Aqua is for EVERYONE – aqua is a great workout for any age gro . . . More »     chamisal.com

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Link of the Week !

This week’s Link of the Week is a rare capture of a white deer! What a trip to see this in the woods.


May your week be filled with great surprises.

Yer pal,

- Kiki Wow!

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