About Kiki

Kiki WOW is well known as a witty and funny multi-faceted performer,

Singer/Songwriter/Musician and Host who engages her audiences with humorous stories and beautiful songs. Her mesmerizing voice sets a laid back vibe as she plays easy listening original contemporary songs and many favorite cover songs. Itís not uncommon for listeners to be touched to tears and to laugh out loud, all in the same set. Influenced by Sheryl Crow, The Eagles, Suzanne Vega, Sade, Norah Jones, Joni Mitchell and The Beatles.

Her current CD, "Back To Nature" produced by Grammy Award winner, CJ Kiki Wow songs are available on itunes, cd baby. com, all over the web and is available locally at Do Re Mi in Carmel.

  • Six years Labor Relations Administrator at Warner Bros. Television Production Inc.
  • 2014 Recipient of the International Songwriters Retreat in Ben Lomond
  • Kiki Wow Presents... Magnificent Musicians of Monterey at 5 Venues in Monterey County
  • 2011 Voted "Best Music in a Bucolic Locale" Editorís Pick in the MC Weekly Best of Edition
  • 2013 Released 3rd CD, "Deep Gratitude" available on cdbaby, itunes music websites
  • 2007 Moved to Monterey, Producer of "Kiki Wow Presents..." music/comedyshow on Chnl 24
  • 2006 CD Release of "Back To Nature" produced by Grammy Award Winner, CJ Vanston
  • Mother of Jazmyn Marie Whitman -25 years young, post production expert
  • Singer/Songwriter - www.kikiwow.com - Easy listening, great vibed cool music
  • Guitarist/Bassist for 30 years - Student of 'Master of Funk' Louis Johnson Bass Academy
  • Six Year Music Host / Emcee of Live Music Webcast at Kulak’s Woodshed Every Week in North Hollywood
  • Two Year Radio Host of "The Dylan Hour" every Sunday Night from 7-8 pm on KCSN 88.5 FM and live webcast at www.kcsn.org
  • 2007 Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM equivalent of a Ph.D in Communication & Leadership)
  • Past President of Warner Bros. Toastmasters (International Public Speaking Club)
  • 2008 "Top of the World" was nominated Honorable Mention in VH1 Song of the Year Awards
  • Proud Owner of Blind Dog Bunny, Kitty Boy Cappuccino and I don't know where the 3 Turtles (Todd/Turtilini/Turtman) went, the Runaway Turtle sign only worked onceÖ
  • Kiki Wow Presents...2012 Monterey Music Show - A Kaleidoscope of Talent
  • Past L.A. Assistant to the legendary Neil Young and his ferocious attorney, Irwin Osher
  • Author of Children’s Book "Bagel in my Belly", "Todd the Turtle" and "Don’t Let It Bug You"
  • Recorded and Produced 5 LPs, 2 CDs - you can view "Back To Nature" filmed and produced by Kurt Hull on myspace.com/kikiwowmusic
  • Hiked/survived the 22 mile hike along the ocean 1,000 feet up the mountain on the Kalalau Trail, Kauai (thanks to my walking stick!)
  • Survived a family of 12 brothers and sisters (6 boys/6 girls) - What a MOM-WOW!
  • Almost released "Audiobiography" my first CD but it was burned in a fire six years ago!
  • Music Producer at AMP Studios and Plaza Linda
  • Incredibly fortunate to have the amazing friends I do and to know the most incredible musicians and people on the planet. Period
  • Past President of Burbank Toastmasters & Area Govenor of District 52B

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I only have about 15 CDs of "Back To Nature" left and am so proud it received international airplay and several of my songs were used on independent films. I am nearly finished with my new CD "Heaven on Earth" and its far exceeded my expectations with Grammy Award Winner CJ Vanston who worked on a couple of songs and pro engineer/mixer Greg Edenfield, who made my songs sound so well produced, it scared me, the songs sound famous! Will keep you posted when its finished. Read on and - Welcome to My World.



Contact: 831-235-7662 or kikiwow@mac.com


CD: ďBack To NatureĒ

Label: Self-produced with Grammy Award Winner, CJ Vanston*

Resides in: Carmel Valley, CA

Genres: Adult Contemporary / Easy Listening / Soft Rock - Feedback is that "Back To Nature* has a sexy, groovy, natural vibe.

Limited CDs left but Available at cdbaby.com/kikiwow or myspace.com/kikiwow for more info.

ďBack To NatureĒ is receiving international airplay and is digitally distributed and available online at iTunes, Rhapsody, Emusic, PlayIndies, Audio Lunchbox, etc.

Kiki performs regularly solo as well as with some of the best musicians in throughout the Monterey peninsula and Carmel Valley. She also produces many successful music concerts, benefits, festivals and promotes the power of music.

To contact Kiki: Cell (831) 235-7662 or email at kikiwow@mac.com.

Website: www.kikiwow.com

ďItís nice and groovy - from the first note youíll feel invited in.Ē



ďSurprisingly very original, acoustic-vibed, soft rock music with lyrics that stay with you long after the song is over" is how one journalist described the sound of singer/songwriter, Kiki Wow.

Kikiís vocals are as soothing as a light cool breeze on a warm day with a Dreamboat Annie type of feel. The lyrics are deep and wide, yet the music is simple with unusual changes and melodies that stay in the brain and voice so wonderfully the mixed feelings of heart. She has been playing guitar and bass for over 20 years and has written more than 100 songs about every subject, even bugs and songs for children too. Her song ďLetís Go Outside and PlayĒ was recently selected and used on the Garland Park website and her outreach using music as a healing force is what itís all about. ďMusic is audio medicine. It makes anyone feel better no matter the crisis. It makes joins people together in vibration and joy. I donít know what could be better than that.Ē

Outside of recording and performing at festivals, venues, house concerts and coffeehouses (and hospitals), Kiki also hosts and performs at a very popular live music scene she created at Plaza Linda Restaurant & Cantina in Carmel Valley. She also performs as a duo with one of the best musicians in the peninsula, Guitar Bob, the first and third Fridays of every month at the Courtside Cafť at Chamisal. Kiki has placed four songs in independent films and had a cameo appearance on TV performing one of her songs on an open mic scene in ABCís "The Norm Show."

Kiki has released her second CD entitled "Back To Nature " produced by Grammy winning producer, CJ Vanston and is available on www.cdbaby.com and many internet music sites.

Visit www.kikiwow.com to find out lots of fun stories and whatís so Wow about Kiki.

From Jazmyn Whitman, my daughter:

Lets see, why my mom is awesome.

My mom and I are very lucky, we are very close. I donít really know when or why but itís always been that way. My mom never made me feel intimidated to get respect, she never yelled at me or felt like she had to lay down a strict law of the house like in some of my friends houses. Most times if I did know what to do about something I would ask her and she would explain to me both side of the situation and guide me from there. Doing that, giving me an explanation on things, really helped me find out what was right and wrong in life because I could understand both sides of the story. I always respected her for listening to me even on the most trivial maters. Iím really happy because when I was growing up I never really felt forced in anything my moms pretty flexible on things I never really gave her any reasons to be strict with me. I was that nerdy/artsy/sporty girl that had no interest in trouble. There were some rules and duties around the house, but most stuff I was happy to help with. My mom love gardening and every spring we would take time from the day to plant flowers around the house. Since I helped her plant them if she told me to water them I didnít really feel like it was a chore, mom told me that they needed to eat too. It made sense, and now all of my plants that I have in college are very happy for that lesson. Growing up in Burbank, CA the world is always so fast paced, both my parents would always remind me that we need to slow down and appreciate the things around us that we can miss rushing from one place to another. Often me and mom would walk our dog together and look at the clouds or drive to the beach or a mountain trail hike up a few miles and just sit on the grass or a rock and just enjoy the moment. Sometimes mom would bring her guitar and we would sing together at the highest point on the mountain. Most of the time I was antsy to be doing something and kind of missed the point when I was younger but as I grew older I noticed that I did take time from my days just to be. I like laying on a very nice green patch of grass in the middle of campus listening to everyone walking by during passing period or lying bed of snow in the dead of winter at night just to see the stars after a storm. Iíve realized the past couple of years, being away at college, those moments with mom are when I learned how to do that. Iím very glad I do not miss out on the small things in life. I remember mom saying sometimes when the days were tough or hard at school that itíll be ok tomorrow because itís just another thing on the wind. Or something likes that, the point got across to me that itíll pass and life still goes on. That lesson is very important to my artwork and studies in cinema now. Recording and experiencing the momentís in-between when life happens. Her and I have many things we do and have experienced together we have a tight bound in what we do together and experience together. Iím excited to get back after my graduation this May and tell her all about my life in college.

Over all I think me and my mom have such a rare and amazing connection because Iíve know every since I was little that she loves me, for better or worst on good days and bad, whether Iím next to her or across the country I can feel my moms love for me. Thatís all that really matters in the ebb and flow of life, it the one thing I can always count on.