Water Aerobics

Tue, Thu & Fri10:30 - 11:30Chamisal


Kiki, thank you for making the AQUATHON a blast. Your high energy and fun personality added so much to the event. I hope you enjoyed it as much as we all did. The weather was great and everything seemed to go well. Everyone was asking about next year. We’ll have to think about that. A few of us would like to join your class sometime soon. Is your pool open year round? I’d love to get in the water and work out for a change. I love the water but seldom get in and you do a great job. Hope to see you again soon.
Ps. We earned a little over $1150 for the Lions Club. Thanks again.
Aquathon Instructor
Linda Oakes

Your class has been a lifesaver for me. You are such a fun, energetic, in-the-water teacher.
I have made new friends, gained confidence, strength, and agility. Your all accepting, warm manner makes it fun for all. As far as I am concerned, my Parkinson’s Disease has not progressed since I found you.

The sweet gift you gave me, is just another way to display your generous spirit! It makes it all the more special to me!

You are a gift.

We Love The Water!
Meredith Adams

Kiki: My passion has been tennis for many years & play 2 to 3 times a week at Chamisal. Now, thanks to you Iím addicted to your awesome Aqua aerobics class which has really helped me with my total body fitness as well as my tennis game! Youíre a gifted instructor, an inspiring personality, a talented musician and a fun loving humorist. Our club is privileged to have you on staff. Focused and Fun!

Dear Kiki,

Just wanted to share with you how much my husband, Roger and my daughter, Cheryl and I are enjoying your Aqua class! Roger is a competitive water polo player and swimmer; and he gets a GREAT workout in your class. I have been teaching Group Fitness classes for 30+ years, have lifted weights for that same time period, and I always am amazed at what a great workout you give! I feel tighter in the legs, seat, abs, arms, shoulders--not sore, just TIGHTER, from all the movements that water resistance allows. My daughter was a Varsity High School athlete in 3 different sports, and she gets a challenging workout, too! How many classes out there can cater to a 34, a 56, and a 63 year old where ALL get a great workout?!

We ALL enjoy the Chamisal sunshine and the nice water temperature in the pool, so getting in is a pleasure in itselfÖbut adding to that your smiling face encouraging us to go deeper, faster, longer, stronger in a well-thoughtout total body workout is taking a good thing and making it even better! It is evident that you love what you do, and that you care about each person in your class -- and your positive attitude and humor make it so enjoyable to participate!!! Happy Birthday and make you be as happy as you make those around you! Thank you, Kiki!
Best Letter EVER!
Cathy Williams

What a great find. I have been looking for an alternative workout for free weights since neck surgery no longer adapts to the weights. Iíve found KIKI at Chamisal! What a great water aerobics class. Kiki is an excellent instructor who has a solid grasp on technique, pace, and motivation. Her wonderful sense of humor, coupled with her excellent delivery of instructions, and ability to motivate all of us, creates an hour of enjoyed, effective exercise. Chamisal made a great decision in adding Kiki to their instructorís family. Jellies Losing their Bellies
Jill Colyer

If youíre looking for a great aerobic workout and a refreshing change of pace from the gym, come to Kikiís Water Aerobics class at Chamisalís beautiful pool. Join a fun group of women AND men - Itís a Terrific class and something to look forward to every week! 4 Classes A Week!
Dede Woodhead


It gives me great pleasure to receive messages like this one. Thank you for caring for our members. On behalf of ownership and the rest of our staff I would like to thank you for being a great representative of our club.

Best Wishes,

Luis Reis, General Manager - Chamisal Tennis & Fitness Club

Kudos To Kiki!
Luis Reis