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The Fretless

Acoustic Folk / Indie

About The Fretless The Fretless is a new approach to folk music that is quickly gaining high acclaim around the world. This unique band is taking string music to fascinating places as it transforms fiddle tunes and folk melodies into intricate, beautiful, high-energy arrangements. In November 2011, Karrnnel Sawitsky (Fiddle), Ivonne Hernandez (Fiddle), Eric Wright (Cello) and Trent Freeman (Fiddle) got together for the first time on Vancouver Island to start rehearsing this project. After 10 days straight of writing, arranging, practicing and an absurd amount of tea, The Fretless emerged as a band. With the release of their debut album Waterbound in early 2012, which features their fresh styles, compositions, as well as collaborations with singers Ruth Moody and Norah Rendell, the quartet grabbed the attention of critics and fans across many genres. This recording fueled a busy summer of festivals across Canada, a month long tour of Germany in the fall, and world wide sales and radio play. The year was capped with 3 awards, bringing the album, and the band further into the public eye; Instrumental Album of the Year at the Western Canadian Music Awards, and at the Canadian Folk Music Awards, the Fretless walked away with both Ensemble of the year, and Instrumental Group of the Year. Musically, the goals of the group are to expand the rhythmic, harmonic and structured arrangement style of the many folk genres they play using only string instruments. There are countless fiddle styles across Canada and around the globe that have been stagnating over time, and The Fretless is working to incorporate a new approach and a new audience. As a band, all four members have come from very different traditional and contemporary backgrounds, and are influenced by a vast array of art. However they are unified in their goal to continually develop their amalgamated sound in order to push traditional music as far as possible. The Fretless is an innovation in music that must be heard. They harbor all the energy of fiddle tunes, while shattering all expectations in writing, creativity and performance.

To Wake You

Acoustic Folk / Indie

Jeff Kossack & Jimmy Yessian "From Different Mothers" Tour

Acoustic Folk / Indie

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Two members from the L.A. based "Tall Men Group" will be doing a duo tour up the coast which I absolutely know you are gonna love em. Jeff Kossack (pronounced ‘Kozak’) is a producer, singer-songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist (guitar, percussion and piano). He’s played for and produced some of Los Angeles’ most notable acoustic acts, Amila K. Spicer, Severin Browne, the Big Red Sky, and Matthew Lee, most of whom went on to become National Academy of Songwriters Artist of the Year nominees or winners. He’s released three CDs of his own (The Power of One, This Boy`s Life, and HalfLife), enhanced by the OtherHand, a group of the most versatile players that Jeff had met while hanging in other bands and around L.A. As much as Jeff, these players have infused his music with accessibility and emotionality. Never a full time player until recently, Jeff’s albums have all found critical success in print and on internet radio. He continues to write and perform, and has plans to complete a tandem release of CDs: CountrySoul - a blending of blued-eyed soul and the lonely, yet compelling sound of Dobro slide guitar, provided by L.A. producer-guitar luminary, Ed Tree, on acoustic Americana tunes all bearing Jeff’s heart-on-his-sleeve delivery. The other CD: theOtherHand/theOtherVoices will feature some of his new tunes along with tracks from previous outings, as interpreted by some of over-the-top talented friends.... Jeff continues to work on music, almost daily at his tracking space, OtherHand Recording in the San Fernando Valley, and hopes to continue to make meaningful and impactful music for years to come. Visit Jeff’s site: > , as well as finding his music on iTunes, YouTube, CD Baby, Soundcloud and Facebook. Jimmy Yessian has been inspired by music his entire life. He is a passionate live performer who connects instantly with his audiences. He has performed all around the country, France and Italy. Jimmy has appeared on the same bill or has worked with artists as diversified as Jeffrey Steele, Allan Rich, Steve Dorff, Al Anderson, Billy Dean, Gary Baker, Tia Sillers, Mark Selby, Martin Page, Jamie O`Neil, Chuck Cannon, Walt Aldridge and many others. His song "Stand Tall America," dedicated to the 9/11 tragedy co-written with Gary Baker ("I Swear"/ "I`m Already There") and Jerry Williams, was featured in the PBS aired documentary film One Voice/ The Healing Pole and is the lead song on the Inspiration New York CD. Jimmy`s latest CD "not a wave goes by" is dedicated to his late wife Amy who lost her battle with cancer in 2006. The collection features songs from their life together and follows his journey after losing her up to present day. There is also a new video for the song “not a day goes by”

Jessica Simone

Acoustic Folk / Indie

Jessica Simone is a dynamic performer living in the Monterey Bay area, a musician who plays music from many genres, all having “roots” music and strong vocals as the common thread ~ Americana, Rhythm & Blues, Folk Rock, Indie Rock, Classic Rock, Oldies, and soulful Blues tunes.

Backing herself on guitar, energy is high whether it is a ballad or a rocker ~ each song is delivered with passion, and Jessica often welcomes musicians in the crowd to sit in as guest performers. The audience may even be engaged with an ‘interactive’ tune if they are willing!

The repertoire is tailored to the audience and the event, and Jessica is available both as a soloist or with her band. ‘SIDESTEP’ delivers a polished sound playing oldies, blues, country rock classics. Whether playing in restaurants, nightclubs, weddings, private parties or corporate events, a good time is guaranteed for all!

After playing professionally for many years in her home state of New York, Jessica played throughout the eastern United States, from Portland, Maine, to Tampa, Florida, then played in a tribute band for 5 years in Nashville, Tennessee,

She is now a ten year resident of California, continuing her passion for performance.

Ames & Mary Anne Anderson

Acoustic Folk / Indie

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Mary Anne is an eclectic artistic mix of soup to nuts. Her early musical training began in the theatre; she then taught herself to play guitar. After college, she traveled through Europe as a Busker (street-singer) “picking up languages like a vacuum cleaner picks up dust.” Later, she expanded to Jazz and sang at Rio de Janeiro’s hottest nightclub, “People”. Since she and Ames met in ’97, she has been playing acoustic music with him and they have three CDs, “Simple Pleasures”, “Musaic”, and “Live at Big Sur River Inn.” Her other CDs include, “Beautiful Dreamer,” a collection of jazz originals, and a new release, “Rendezvous,” a smooth jazz duo project with guitar master Doug MacDonald. Mary Anne has also won awards for her lyrics, poetry and playwriting. Her one-woman show, “BAR LIES… and other tales” premiered at the Carmel Performing Arts Festival. “Letters to a Love Unsung/Cronicas de un Amor Eternal” by Ana Luca (her nom de plume) is a bilingual love story and includes a soundtrack CD, featuring original compositions from acclaimed Brazilian composer, Weber Iago. They have performed this multi-media work in California and in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico at the renowned “Authors’ Sala.” For nearly three decades, she taught English language and American culture to adults from all over the world. A California boy, Ames attended Williams College in New England. He spent a summer in Vermont helping a friend build his house - a dome construction of ferro-concrete and chicken wire- and became a builder/contractor. Another interest he brought back from New England was Bluegrass music. He bought a 1920‘s Gibson mandolin found in a beat up banjo case for $25 and taught himself to play, and is now proficient on all the stringed instruments he can get his hands on: guitar, mandolin, dobro, ukelele, and more. In 1997, Ames came to repair an electrical fixture on Mary Anne’s front porch, and lit up her life! Together they share a love for music (and each other), producing a delightful harmony of sound and soul. Their songs range “from Celtic to Cowgirl, Hawaiian to Folk, Beatles to Bluegrass, Golden Oldies, and Originals” as they play their bevy of stringed instruments. They split their time between Cambria, California and Maui, “two of the most beautiful places on earth.” Ames has two children, Shenandoah and Ryan, and Granddaughters Hanna and Thea, who bring him great pride and joy.

Dan Frechette & Laurel Thomsen

Acoustic Folk / Indie

Meeting via a chance YouTube sighting and fueled by a rare musical chemistry, Dan Frechette, guitar/vocals, and Laurel Thomsen, violin/vocals, both powerful and magnetic talents in their own rights, prove that musical magic is not only possible, but alive and well. In a relatively short time frame, the Alt-folk duo has overcome adversity to circumnavigate North America, logging over 25,000 miles, 130 concerts, and releasing their debut CD. With influences ranging from Folk, Classical, Old Time, and Celtic, to Gospel, Jazz, Vintage Country, Rock N` Roll, Blues, and Bluegrass, Dan and Laurel flow seamlessly through genres, tempos, stories, and moods, embodying each style with virtuosic command. With exuberance, heartwarming harmonies, soundtrack ready violin and guitar lines, and stories of irony and triumph, wit and humor, delighted audience members speak of "falling in love" with music all over again. "Any grounded, sound-minded person would have a perma-grin throughout a Dan and Laurel show." ~Bernie, Manitoba house concert host "Dan and Laurel’s concert in our home drew a standing ovation and demand for encores. Everyone left with big smiles!" ~Margo and Tyler Baker, CA house concert hosts

Talmon Owens

Acoustic Folk / Indie

Talmon Owens has spent the last few years living on ridges, down canyons and by the ocean in Big Sur, California. Many of his songs have been inspired by harsh rains, road slides and the isolation that living down the coast brings. His debut album features polished multi-part harmonies with an emphasis on simple, mindful melodies. As a singer-songwriter, Owens takes inspiration from Elliott Smith, Conor Oberst, Built to Spill & Grandaddy among others. When he’s not writing music he’s playing the harmonica with his 2 ˝ year old daughter Adeline.

Rupert Wates

Acoustic Folk / Indie

Wates cultivates a profound sound that is as unique in lyrics as it is powerful in music and voice. Rupert Wates’ music epitomizes songwriting in intimate and all-embracing forms. His masterful songs are soulful, sensuous, and resonate with issues of our time and those of bygone eras. Throughout his career, Wates has been a polestar for biographical situations in a way that resonates with people everywhere. He has eloquently written songs of joy and sorrow; an eclectic mix of acoustic, melodic art/folk, with flavors of jazz, vaudeville and cabaret. His genre resembles that of Gordon Lightfoot, Leonard Cohen and Bob Dylan; his guitar playing would remind one of Leo Kottke. He has released 9 solo CDs, as well as two full-length tribute albums to his work, and has won over forty songwriting and performance awards. He has been a full-time songwriter since the late 1990s, when he signed a publishing contract with Eaton Music Limited. His contract required him to write material in all kinds of styles and genres, for all kinds of artists. He worked extensively with Jazz vocalist Liz Fletcher, and wrote the album `Blue Afternoons` (Mainstem, 2002) specially for her voice. He has since written covers for six artists. Wates tours internationally, performing an average of 120 shows a year. He lives in New York and Colorado and was born and raised in England, where he attended Oxford. “A prime figure in American music.” — Folk and Acoustic Music Exchange “This is one gifted S.O.B. If you’re not hip to this guy, you’re missing a lot.” — Mark S. Tucker, Folk and Acoustic Music Exchange “Narrative storytelling is superb – even by the highest folk music standards.” — Jim Abbott, Orlando Sentinel Discography: The Lights of Paris, Colorado Mornings, Nightwatchers with Bartosz Hadala, At the Losers’ Motel, Coast to Coast, Dear Life, Rank Outsiders Ball, Joe’s Café, Sweet or Bitter Wine