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Out of the Blue

Soul Rock

“Out of the Blue” is the Monterey peninsula’s soul-rock duo comprised of Greg Robbins on guitar and Maria Borrelli on vocals. Formed in early 2016, they bring a fresh sound to tunes from artists like Stevie Wonder, Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan and the Beatles to name a few. Greg began playing guitar at the young age of 12 and performing for audiences by the time he was in high school. He later earned an associate’s degree in music theory and also attended the South West guitar conservatory in San Antonio. After spending years on the road sharing venues with world renowned artists, he found himself back home in his native California coast in 2015. Maria also has an extensive background in music beginning with performing as a young child with her parents singing group. In her late teens, she ventured out on her own and began performing throughout the bay area fronting various rock and blues bands. In 2015, Greg and Maria had the opportunity to work together collaborating with other local musicians. Before very long, they realized they had much in common in musical tastes and were inspired to form their own duo. “Out of the Blue”, they’ve come together and are excited to now bring their music to you.

Vick Silva

Soul Rock

Am humbly grateful for the gift of Music. Writing, Singing, Recording, and Performing music is all that I am. Sharing Music with everyone is what I am, When Music is your life, it doesn`t get better than that....... No one is better than anyone else "We Are" all musical Brothers & Sisters. We share our dreams and passion through Music........ "Loving Music" there`s room for all. To attend a Vick Silva performance is to feel the Blues, Celebrate Reggae, and Breathe the timeless energy of Rock and Roll. Oh yes, then that`s when man and guitar become one and Magical Moments ensue........ Not enough people know about Vick Silva, It`s time this very Moment.... Walter Wolfe esq.