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Sons of Twang

RnR, Country, Mixed Styles

You are gonna LOVE this style of music -"Country and Western, R+R, and R+B with TWANG" The Sons of Twang were conceived out of a longing for the danceable American and British Invasion singles and B sides that we all loved dearly, but seldom heard. Fun music that never took itself too seriously. Jangly, Twangy, rock and roll and uptempo C+W tunes are our forte; skillfully executed by a veteran bunch of honky-tonkin` miscreants in full-on midlife crisis: Scott Dickson- Fender Telecaster, lead vocals, and cultural insights; Magic Dave Handloff- 12 string Rickenbacker, vocals, and punch lines; Matthew Medeiros aka Tommy Toms- drums, tenor cowbell, and rim shots; Michael Adams-vocals, bass, guitars, and straight lines delivered in an impeccably British accent. The Sons have long and varied backgrounds performing professionally and recording in many different genres. We are happy to offer a whirlwind trip through some of the great songs that we love, and hope that you will, too.

Craig Jardstrom

RnR, Country, Mixed Styles

Craig Jardstrom - Harmonicas / Lap steel guitar A native of the Monterey area, Craig went to southern California play music until the car died. Next, the cruise ship circuit and then from the sea to the desert, playing for a time in Palm Springs before returning to Monterey. Now he`s happy to be home playing a variety of music around the bay.