Bands for Hire ~ Fundraiser

Ashes to heART Special Event


"Ashes to heART"...a fund raiser for our amazing Mid Coast Fire Brigade....ear marked for 2016 fire victims on Palo Colorado Rd Feb 18, 2017 from 7-10PM Bay of Pines in Monterey Donations: $10 (or more) incl 1 raffle ticket for a dinner at Bay of Pines, an art print, or a DVD "Ashes to Art" by Lynette Tolentino Original paintings incorporating and using objects and ash from 2016 fires as well as dirt, leaves etc. These represent the growth and new creation arising from the destruction. Storytelling, Poetry & Song: If you have a piece of art, a poem, story, song or music you’d like to share during this event please let me know. This will be an open venue for sharing your experiences as a survivor from this or any fire or disastrous event. Proceeds going to the Mid-Coast Fire Brigade ear marked to anyone who’s home burned and needing money to assist. We will have available for sale also: Lynette Tolentino’s beautiful film... "Ashes to Art" video production from footage and interviews from our spectacular Big Sur Fashion Shows! *Anyone who attended my "Ashes to heART" workshop a few months ago and would like to share your painting and experience please let me know! Original music by Joshua Gordis Jam Session welcome later in evening....feel free to bring drums, sax, guitar, voice!