House & Pet Sitting

My Cat Cappachino
$30 a day to feed/water/walk (no overnight)

$60 to stay all day and night

$65 a day for 2 pets all day and night

$75 for 3 or more pets all day and night

Thank you for your referrals!

Why board your pet when they can remain in the comfort of their home while youíre away?

We are a responsible, professional couple who will care for your home, pets, small business or estate. We not only provide basic care for your pets, but provide personal, attentive, engaging interaction throughout the day.

Our services include working well with people, retrieving mail, taking care of plants and animals, minor cleaning and maintenance, and ensuring property security. Honest, tidy, quiet, organized and reliable. We have many great references & have decades of combined experience in caring for dogs, cats and fish.

Book your appointments today and rest assured that your pets and home are clean and taken care of while you are away. We have over 30 pets in our care throughout the year.

Susanne has great taste, you are lovely, and my stress level melted after meeting you & Greg. He seems like a real sweetheart :) I know my husband was relieved as well.

Thank you! Brenda

Happy Pets
Kiki provides the highest quality care for your pets, plants and home.

With regular clients in Carmel Valley, Carmel, Pebble Beach and Monterey, people know who to go to for hands on loviní to your pet while you are away. Trustworthy, reliable, loving - your pets are in good hands, no make that - GREAT HANDS! Read testimonials below:

April 2012 - Recommendation for Kiki Whitman

This is a letter to recommend Kiki Whitman as an excellent house and pet sitter.

Kiki took care of my home on 2 Ĺ acres for nine days in December of 2011 and January of 2012. The best part of having Kiki at my home was that she was accessible and periodically assured me that all was in order. She would call on her own and leave a reassuring message. This alleviated worry on my part and I carried on with confidence my vacation (if you can call it that) with my 3 teenagers. This was far beyond what friends and relatives have done while Iím away. I never felt I was bothering Kiki when I called. She took on the adventure with gusto and found humor with all my animals suffocating her with attention.

Kiki took care of my little dog, 3 very needy cats wanting to go in and out the door millions of times, l little bird and a very big baby cockatoo that needed LOTS of attention and often screamed obnoxiously. Kiki took the dog on errands and loved her as her own. The cats lavished and slobbered all over her, probably slept on her head. My bird learned how to whistle. My animals had a great time.

The condition of my house looked like merry maids had come in. It was cleaner than when I left it. The bed was made, the floors swept and vacuumed, air was fresh, and good vibrations were the only thing left behind.

It was a pleasure to have Kiki at my home. She graciously said it was a pleasure for her too. You canít get a better deal than that. I recommend her highly. She is responsible, committed, and takes the job seriously.

Please call for further information

Julia C Brandt

Lets Have A Kiki is on the Car Radio!

The Caldwell Cats
Thank you for taking such good care of my cats. I missed them so much while I went to Paris and I was relieved to know they were in such good care.

Nancy Caldwell, Pebble Beach

To Whom it May Concern,

I am happy to write a letter recommending Kiki Wow as a person of integrity to care for your house, your pets or yourself. She is a capable, caring and takes her responsibilities seriously. When ever we are going to be away Kiki is our first choice as well as our animals first choice also. I recommend her highly. Anne Hannon Burleigh

Anne Burleigh - Owner of Moose & Jimmy, Halley and Lasie

2 Dogs & a bunny
Thanks for taking such good care of the dogs, they definitely love you and so does the bunny. Itís great to know you are there at a momentís notice and that I can trust you in my home. Wow, what a relief - weíre so glad we donít have to take the animals to the kennel while we are are they! Beth Rosenblum

I am so blown away that you took care of my house so beautifully, watered my plants that needed it, pruned, rearranged things and made the house look sooooo wonderful. Iím really impressed and my only complaint is that you moved the tissues and I need them. I am crying because you made my house so lovely by just rearranging where things were as I had asked you to play around with. You have the gift. My animals love you so much, especially my bird, Coconut. What is your magical power to get him to respond like you do? Thank you over and again. Julia Brandt, CV
2 birds (Coconut) & 3 cats

2 Horses, 2 Dogs & 6 Chickens
You donít know what a relief it is to know I can leave for a few days and the pets are in such good hands. I get home and my house is so clean and cared for, everything in order. The pets are so happy when you come around, you can tell my the way Moose wags his tail - he just loves your voice. Thank you for caring for our pets like they are your own. Now the horses love you too, they canít wait for you to take them for a ride. Bill & Anne Burleigh, CV

When I got home, I was so happy to smell Otis - you gave him a bath and made him so much more lovable. Thanks for the extra care you give, itís so good to know I can count on you at a momentís notice. Tina & Tom Adams, CV
Otis & Charlie & Lucielle

Ruby & Roxy
I want to thank you again, sincerely, for taking such wonderful care of my home and giving such loving care to the two girls. I know that they loved having you because they were both so mellow and happy when we returned. Actually, Ruby Lee even whispered in my ear that she loved her walks with you and has been putting me through my paces since we got back. :O)

Thank you, too, for my beautiful Bird Pillow. I absolutely love it! It has found the perfect spot on my bed with the Bird Blanket. I love the look and the sentiment behind it. Thank you. The Mallards are perfect by the front door, especially since Duck Season starts this week. They are a special reminder of your wonderful stay at our house. Debbie Heron