TV and Radio Time for Kiki Wow
Iíve had the great opportunities to be on JW Winslowís TV Show featuring local arts and entertainment. Last week my band was featured on KPIG Radio 107.5 FM on "Please Stand By" and co-host with David Marzetti on The Shag Bag Show on KION 101.1 FM on Saturday mornings. Iím so grateful for this great exposure so I can let people know about the concerts I produce and do my very best to encourage people to attend. When you attend, you are really helping the arts & entertainers so vital to keeping us sane.

I also thank the press, Beth Peerless at Monterey Herald, Chris Counts at the Carmel Pine Cone, and the several writers at Monterey County Weekly that have been helping me for years get the word out about these EXCEPTIONAL and AFFORDABLE shows! MORE TO COME.