Water Aerobics - FREE Demo Class @ CV Community Pool
  photo by Dolphin jumps at Carmel Beach
Kiki’s Water Fitness Classes -- GREAT WORKOUT!

Happy to say that the Carmel Valley Community Pool is starting H20 aerobics now and I will be teaching a FREE DEMO CLASS next Tuesday at 11AM-noon so come and see if its for you!

The pool at Chamisal is a nice 82 degrees, super comfortable to work out in. It’s fun and you will feel the results immediately. Come and work out with me in the water:

I teach 9:30-10:30 AM every Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays at Chamisal Pool

Hope you can try it out. Feel the power of the water and work against the currents you create - it’s an awesome workout because your body stays cool while you work hard.

Aqua is for EVERYONE – aqua is a great workout for any age group or skill level

· Community – the aqua community is one of the closest in the club – come take class and make new friends

· Burns 400-500 calories during a class – aqua is a FULL BODY workout combining strength and cardio using buoys, noodles and your own body

· Increase muscle strength and build endurance – let the water be the resistance, and provide you a different workout than you can do on land

· Low-impact exercise – the buoyancy of the water gives you a great workout without the pain on your joints - so if you’re new to exercise or rehabbing an injury, an aqua class should be on our weekly schedule