James Hurley


JAMES HURLEY: Described by Folkworks magazine as "One of the Top Ten Live Acoustic Male Singer-Songwriters in L.A." James Hurley’s eloquent guitar, smooth voice, and masterful writing combine to create a seductive blend of jazzy, blues-pop-folk that has been called "Americana, on-the-rocks....with a twist". His fourth solo release “Voice & Guitar” reinforces his well-deserved reputation as a consistently compelling artist whose music is a reflection of the life he lives. When James Hurley comes into town - you can expect a treat of a night! He is such a great guitarist and vocalist - high range - low range - uber intelligent, delightful, fun songs, he’ll make you laugh for sure. Very entertaining and not like anyone else you’ve ever heard. We will be meeting in a beautiful home in Carmel Valley. Everyone is invited to bring a bottle and an appetizer and we have a full on house party concert. Great way to meet people and feel comfortable in this gorgeous setting - backyard goes on for miles. RSVP at 831-235-7662 or email me and I’ll send you directions. About: James tours up and down the California coastline up to Oregon and back and we are very happy to have him share his new creations with us. Did you know he use to be a bull rider in the Salinas rodeo? Guess he liked playing the guitar better. Please come and enjoy his cleverness. He is a dear friend who is well worth the travel.