Loveless Estate

Blues / Rock / R&B

photo by The Loveless Estate
Back From Their Northern Tour

Everyone loves this band. Acoustic, Alternative, Dynamic, Great Songs - these guys are powerful and you will definitely find yourself moving to the beat. I think they have a very promising future. Tell your young friends not to miss this one.

If itís the sound of laden American Rock mixed with a skosh of the 90ís, topped off with a lemon twist of Indie to bring out the rich flavorful sound...Then you my friend have just poured yourself a tall glass of The Loveless Estate. The gentlemen of TLE are bringing a fresh innovative approach to todays disoriented music scene. The Loveless Estate is driven by the harmony rich lyric of lead vocalist Donny Strauss which is kept in line by the thunderous beats of Manny Soto III. These beats only tamed by the roaring thumps of Trey Hanawaltís bass which guides the tremendous lead riffs of Josh Partain.

Beginning ambitiously on the central coast of California and rapidly pushing outwards since, The Loveless Estate has been working on building a prominent fanbase starting from the roots of the community. In the summer of 2009 The Loveless Estate ventured on a 3 month tour aptly titled Avenue of Giants Tour 09í to promote their first full length release Electric Candlelight. The Avenue of Giants Tour spanned throughout Washington, Oregon and California rendering numerous followers along the way. Each new place visited was left with an abundance of their new record Electric Candlelight which spread from hand to hand throughout their new friends, fans and promoters.

"The Loveless Estateís last record, Electric Candlelight, was filled with the kind of jangly, hooky, charming acoustic folk pop thatís come to epitomize a certain segment of the alt-rock world." Wrote Starkey of New Times SLO (2010). Writing, performing and recording all the tracks on the debut album Electric Candlelight, the new focus has been set on their sophmore release of 2011.