Lightning Red


LIGHTNING RED A blues legend...a master - Rootsville, Belgium The legendary LIGHTNING RED has toured the world performing songs from his many recordings. After appearing before an audience of nearly 10,000 in Switzerland and enthusiastic crowds all over Europe, ‘Blues Family’, his last release recorded in Croatia and Germany has garnered rave reviews and worldwide airplay. Now, the new album RED’S ROADHOUSE is getting international airplay and bringing him music fans from all over the globe. Lightning Red began his R&B musical training early…at age three. Every Saturday night in 1952, while his parents danced, he’d sit directly in front of the saxophone sections of Count Basie, Jimmy Dorsey, Duke Ellington and many of the big bands touring the military base circuit. Marveling at him, iconic musicians would bring Red on stage between shows to noodle on their drums or bang on the piano. Then at age five he studied the piano, had an electric guitar by thirteen, and his band was winning talent contests within a few years time. Toward the end of his teens, Red became a protégé of Luther Allison in Chicago, where he soaked up the sounds of Buddy Guy, Otis Rush, Mike Bloomfield, B.B. King, Johnny Winter and the local blues legends. Touring throughout North America followed, and in 1977 Austin, Texas became his home and touring base. While performing at the Armadillo World Headquarters during the latter 70s, Omar and the Howlers, W.C. Clark and "little" Charlie Sexton were brought onstage and introduced their music to the community. Red also soaked up the music of The Fabulous T-Birds (Jimmie Vaughan, Kim Wilson) at Antone`s Club and met a struggling "Little" Stevie Ray Vaughan. His performances include the Whangarei Blues Festival in New Zealand, the Perth Blues Club in Australia, two years at the Great British R&B Festival, The Monterey Bay Blues Festival, the Bayfront Blues Festival, many House of Blues dates in Cambridge, repeat performances at Chicago B.L.U.E.S. in New York, the Rapperswil Blues’n’Jazz Festival near Zurich, and Blues Alive! Cuijk in Holland. He has toured the US & UK repeatedly, as well as Scandinavia, Ireland, Australia, Canada, France, Holland, Switzerland, Germany, Croatia and Denmark. Quotes: High Quality…very high class! …Lightning Red, the legendary guitarist – Blues Magazine, Netherlands Creative songwriting…scintillating guitar riffs and exceptional slide – Blues On Stage, Minneapolis, Minnesota Lightning Red is an incredible guitar player – Blue Monday Magazine, Minnesota USA Lightning Red is a master of both acoustic and slide guitar – Austin Sound, Texas Legendary Texan guitarist and singer… the master himself – Folk World, UK A guitar slinger extraordinaire... excellent guitar work and soulful singing. – Blue Monday (Internet Review) Mastery of the guitar...this is the REAL THING! – Texas Blues Magazine, Houston, Texas A sound that certainly will put him up there in the upper ranks of great players – Delta Snake Blues News, California Quality stuff! – Krimpen Aan Den Dlijsself, Netherlands Someone to seek out if you love good blues music – Billy Bop, Belgium Well played by Lightning Red…Red keeps up his high standards – Flying Shoes, England Beautiful and sincere… thrilling…VERY GOOD – La Hora del Blues, Spain Killer licks, with killer slide, and trademarked vocals to match – Hill Country Happenings, Texas Red’s the genuine article. Make no mistake about it, the man can flat out PLAY! – Gary Eckhart, Rochester, Minnesota Great slide playing, creative songwriting, awesome playing and variation!     – Rootstime, Belgium An experience that you simply can’t keep quiet…a master at the guitar!   – Rootsville, Belgium Lightning Red`s smoky slide blues come well-seasoned – Austin Chronicle, Texas An excellent evening`s entertainment…a superb guitarist and a talented songwriter – Blueprint Magazine, UK Breathes Texas on every note…sizzling fretboard…explosive… mighty fine slide – Southwest Blues, Dallas, Texas Great slide playing…a tasty dose of Chicago shuffles and Texas-style boogie    – BluesRag  Baltimore, Maryland Lightning Red plays like lightning and thunder -- with style and grace – Cradle Magazine  Portland, Maine