Hot Club de Watsonville

Hot Club Swing

photo by Hot Club de Watsonville Gypsy Jazz
If you want to go back in time through your audio senses, then Iíve got just the band for you: This Saturday night has two shows - an early show with HCW from 6-8pm:

Hot Club of Watsonville plays acoustic swing in the style of Django Reinhardt. With accordion, violin, acoustic guitars, and string bass, they playfully interpret gypsy jazz standards, tangos, bossas and boleros. Their sweet melodies and distinctive "la pompe" rhythm will have your toes tapping to music that values improvisation and respects tradition. Hot Club of Watsonville is Julio Alfaro on lead guitar, Mason Hutchinson on rhythm guitar, Alen Cileli on violin, Don Dias on accordion and John Klein on string bass.

This is a great band thatíll put a smile on your face every time.