The Carolyn Sills Combo

Western Swing

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"Seguing seamlessly between western swing, country, rockabilly, blues, and spaghetti western, the Combo’s debut album is tight, lively, and refreshing. Sills’ vocals sear, while guitarman Gerard Egan accents with inventive and toneful licks and solos. Charlie Joe Wallace adds stylish pedal steel. – Vintage Guitar Magazine Nominated for a 2016 Ameripolitan Award for Western Swing Group of the year. Nominated for a 2014 Western Music Association Award for Western Swing Group and Western Swing Female Singer of the year. “… the band flawlessly fuses classic country, rockabilly, blues and Western swing into a timeless Americana sound... a fresh twist on traditional music that shows maturity and an appreciation for the genres that shaped it." – Western Horseman Magazine "Bassist Carolyn Sills and her guitarist husband, Gerard Egan - Santa Cruz`s Les Paul and Mary Ford - crank out good stories, catchy love songs and creative chord progressions that will take listeners back to rockabilly vibes of the post-World-War-II era." - Good Times Magazine "Carolyn Sills makes the West come alive with her stirring renditions of western swing, country blues, spaghetti westerns and more. Listening to her music is like stepping into an old saloon or smoke-filled jazz club. The bassist and singer performs old-timey originals with titles like "Bad for You" and "Loaded Gun," poetic throwbacks to music that`s too rarely heard these days." - Monterey County Weekly