Big Rain

Rock ’n Roll

“The Cure for the Working Class” Five Successful Albums, Three # 1 and Six Top 30 Charting Singles Bruce Guynn & Big Rain is a known International Rock, Country Rock, Blues and Contemporary Music Touring, and Recording Artist. The iconic famous Producer Ray Ruff said: “Bruce Guynn and Big Rain are wonderful songwriters, and superb singers, and I haven’t worked with a band this talented for many years.” The Music is a Variety of Rock, Country Rock, Blues, Reggae and More The Classics of Yesterday and Today and Their Own Popular Songs Big Rain Features Singer/Songwriter Bruce Guynn, and Guitarist Joseph Lucido. Bruce is on vocals, bass and acoustic guitars, and keyboards. Joseph Lucido, one of the most respected musicians in Monterey, CA is on guitar. Over the years some famous Producers and well known artists have recorded and toured with the band. A few are: Chet McCracken, former Doobie Brothers drummer, Doug Livingston, peddle steel guitar, Bobby Furgo, fiddle, keyboards and Producers Ray Ruff, Bill Cooper and Richie Podolor who are several of the most successful producers over the last forty years. Tours to Five Continents, USA-Australia-China-Europe Tours for the Troops in Iraq-Kuwait-American Embassy in Cairo Egypt Bruce Guynn & Big Rain tours all over the World with music that’s been consistently on top of Radio and Music Charts in the USA, Europe and Australia. Over the last twenty years they have shared the stage with some of the biggest names in the business, and received industry honors as Vocal Group of the Year, and Crossover Artist of the year. With a reputation as a great band with an uplifting sound, their performances flow from up-tempo dance songs, to heart-felt ballads, to improvisational jams. Three # 1 & 6 Top 30 Songs on USA & International Radio Charts “I’m Not Running,” was the first song reaching the Top 30 on Indie World Chart, the Top 40 on the New Music Weekly National Charts, and # 18 on the European International Charts. “Sweet Inspiration,” hit # 1 on Adult Contemporary Charts and # 12 Top 30 Country Charts. This song also went to #1 on the Indie World Report and to # 35 on the International Charts. “December Night”, followed suit charting at # 1 on the Adult Contemporary Charts # 14 on the Top 30 Country Charts. “Recipe for a Broken Heart” went to # 5 on the American Roots Chart and # 23 on the European International Chart. Other songs like “I’m Breaking Out” and “Moment of Honesty” went to # 1 and top 10 on the International Radio Charts. Celebrating Twenty Years of Performing and Making Music “No matter where you are from or what language you speak, these guys are all about a great time. It is a guarantee that you will be singing along and dancing to a classic or one of their popular songs”.