Mare Wakefield & Nomad


2015 KERRVILLE NEWFOLK finalist 2015 Falcon Ridge Folk Fest EMERGING ARTIST Mare (rhymes with "very") is a PREFERRED MARTIN ARTIST “You’ll be astounded” says Maverick Magazine about this Nashville-based Americana duo. Featuring award-winning Southeast Texas songwriter Mare Wakefield on guitar and Turkish-born, Berklee College of Music scholarship winner Nomad on piano, this husband-and-wife team has been called “Cozy brilliance … the merger of Natalie Merchant, Shawn Colvin and Dolly Parton” by the Louisville Observer and "A little bit old country, a lot contemporary folk" by the New York Times. This nationally touring act has been recognized by many prestigious competitions including the International Songwriting Competition and Great American Song Contest. This year they were chosen as finalists at Kerrville’s NewFolk Songwriting Competition (TX) and as emerging artists at Falcon Ridge Folk Festival (NY). “Daddy was a seeker,” says Mare Wakefield. “Eventually he became a Salvationist minister. Mama was some kind of gypsy, loving nothing more than a long, clear stretch of open highway.” Mare was born with wanderlust embedded in her DNA, and lived in 8 different places by the time she was 10 years old. “It was a roller-coaster way to grow up, but my brother and I learned to fit in fast,” she says. “We had our rural Wisconsin accents down in two weeks flat. And eighteen months later we were drawling like native Texans.” For Turkish-born, German-raised Nomad, the journey was equally varied. His musical education began at the exclusive Istanbul State Conservatory and continued when he was awarded a scholarship to Boston’s prestigious Berklee College of Music. Nomad has a gift for musical arrangements and carries a full arsenal of classical, pop and jazz chops at his piano-playing fingertips. In addition to working with Mare, the versatile pianist and composer has designed sound for film and TV, and has had pieces performed by symphony orchestras and in Boston’s legendary Fenway Park. Versatility and love for travel is evident in Mare and Nomad’s music. Listeners roam through Arizona deserts, Oklahoma oil fields and South Dakota plains, with side-trips to ancient Babylon and the streets of Amsterdam. The journeys go inward too, exploring hope and heartbreak, and the occasional whiskey-soaked barroom brawl. Story and song are woven seamlessly together by Mare’s intimate delivery and Nomad’s exquisite melodic arrangement. Currently based in Nashville the pair continue their journey by touring fearlessly, leaving strains of folk tunes and sweet piano melodies echoing down the highway.