Havana Jazz

Salsa / Cuban

Bio (Orquesta Gitano ran from 1981 until 2009 ) this is the group that got me my Grammy Nomination for my 2nd CD (out world wide) "Salsa Gitana" which followed my ground breaking 1st CD "Como Suena Mi Rumba" Orq. Gitano was a 12 member Afro-Cuban Salsa group: HavanaJazz (3pc to 4pc) Afro-Cuban Jazz group is going on 15years now, ( on myspace.com/orquestagitano the music listed as HavanaJazz is also their along with music from Orq. Gitano) the video is of HavanaJazz and photos of both bands there as well.

HavanaJazz features spicy World-Class Afro-Cuban Rhythms (Salsa) from old Havana Cuba in a Fusion with Smooth American Jazz, the band features piano or guitar or vibes as the melody (only one of them) Bass and Congas as the foundation and sometimes a Guiro/Maraca player. for bigger gigs like Gorden Birsch in San Jose (which ever year I do the outdoor summer series) andthe San Jose Festival I may use another percussionist so that I have congas and timbales or bongo and one horn. its a fun and very dancable band.

Bosco El Gitano Afro-Cubanissmo percussion and Rhythms from old Havana Cuba.