Jeff Kossack & Jimmy Yessian "From Different Mothers" Tour

Acoustic Folk / Indie

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Two members from the L.A. based "Tall Men Group" will be doing a duo tour up the coast which I absolutely know you are gonna love em. Jeff Kossack (pronounced ‘Kozak’) is a producer, singer-songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist (guitar, percussion and piano). He’s played for and produced some of Los Angeles’ most notable acoustic acts, Amila K. Spicer, Severin Browne, the Big Red Sky, and Matthew Lee, most of whom went on to become National Academy of Songwriters Artist of the Year nominees or winners. He’s released three CDs of his own (The Power of One, This Boy`s Life, and HalfLife), enhanced by the OtherHand, a group of the most versatile players that Jeff had met while hanging in other bands and around L.A. As much as Jeff, these players have infused his music with accessibility and emotionality. Never a full time player until recently, Jeff’s albums have all found critical success in print and on internet radio. He continues to write and perform, and has plans to complete a tandem release of CDs: CountrySoul - a blending of blued-eyed soul and the lonely, yet compelling sound of Dobro slide guitar, provided by L.A. producer-guitar luminary, Ed Tree, on acoustic Americana tunes all bearing Jeff’s heart-on-his-sleeve delivery. The other CD: theOtherHand/theOtherVoices will feature some of his new tunes along with tracks from previous outings, as interpreted by some of over-the-top talented friends.... Jeff continues to work on music, almost daily at his tracking space, OtherHand Recording in the San Fernando Valley, and hopes to continue to make meaningful and impactful music for years to come. Visit Jeff’s site: > , as well as finding his music on iTunes, YouTube, CD Baby, Soundcloud and Facebook. Jimmy Yessian has been inspired by music his entire life. He is a passionate live performer who connects instantly with his audiences. He has performed all around the country, France and Italy. Jimmy has appeared on the same bill or has worked with artists as diversified as Jeffrey Steele, Allan Rich, Steve Dorff, Al Anderson, Billy Dean, Gary Baker, Tia Sillers, Mark Selby, Martin Page, Jamie O`Neil, Chuck Cannon, Walt Aldridge and many others. His song "Stand Tall America," dedicated to the 9/11 tragedy co-written with Gary Baker ("I Swear"/ "I`m Already There") and Jerry Williams, was featured in the PBS aired documentary film One Voice/ The Healing Pole and is the lead song on the Inspiration New York CD. Jimmy`s latest CD "not a wave goes by" is dedicated to his late wife Amy who lost her battle with cancer in 2006. The collection features songs from their life together and follows his journey after losing her up to present day. There is also a new video for the song “not a day goes by”