Langford Zobler Band - LZB

Party & Dance

*LZB encompasses a lifetime of musical experience that began as an acoustic duo in the early 70’s. Presently, the 5 piece band is best described as a writing, recording and performing ensemble with emphasis on original material. A collective of diverse musical influences, LZB is a primary focus of vocals and rythym guitar arrangements over multiple musical genres including vintage rock and soul, Motown, pop country and blues rock. In the shape of Eagles meets Springsteen meets Tom Petty meets Average White Band, LZB ranges from rowdy to romantic, from urban back street to red dirt road. Blue Eyed Soul at its finest.
LZB is made up of two guitars, bass, drums and four lead vocalists.


Bob Langford: Vocals, Guitar

Jon Zobler: Vocals, Guitar

Cathy Williams: Vocals, Percussion

Scott Eyechaner: Vocals, Bass

Joe “Hammer” Wedlake: Drums

*LZB literally translated, Langford / Zobler Band