Caroline Aiken


She’s back - in full living color. Don’t miss this acoustic special show on a Tuesday night with Caroline Aiken.

She delivers - like Janis. All heart - and what a guitar player. Watch for this performer, special show added to accommodate her tour. Please come - bring a friend and be prepared to be blown away!

“Years of constant touring/performing, beginning in 1969 in NY, California, South America, Seattle- NW and Europe, Caroline Aiken moved back to her birth town of Atlanta, GA, in the early 80’s, (opening for acts Arlo Guthrie, Muddy Waters, Doc Watson, Randy Newman, Bonnie Raitt, Little Feat, 38 Special, Beach Boys, Janis Ian, Richie Havens...), where her bluesy voice, masterful finger picking guitar style and hypnotizing stage presence anchored the city’s acoustic and folk scene, influencing up and coming artists whom she took under her wing, including Indigo Girls and Shawn Mullins.”


"Spending time with Caroline is as unforgettable as it is inspirational. She’s truly at the heart of America’s folk/roots movement and has the skills along with life experience we all desire as entertainers."

Artichoke Music - Portland, OR

Zen and the Art of Performance Workshop, May, 2011

“Caroline Aiken is one of the reasons music will always survive. You can illegally download it, record companies can come and go, people can preach the doom of the music industry, and concert prices can get so out of control that many predict the days of the mega-shows are coming. But there will always be music by folks like Caroline Aiken, whose heartbeat is part of her song...who has lived her dream and inspired others to dream...who has suffered the pain that pursuing a way of life that requires constant road work to survive...who has played to thousands in beautiful halls and to a dozen in a dim lit bar. Music will always survive because of, as Kristofferson put it, ‘the poets, the pickers, the prophets, the pushers, the pilgrims, the preachers, and the problems w,hen they’re stoned...the walking contradictions partly truth and partly fiction..taking every wrong direction on their lonely way back home.’

Caroline Aiken may have taken some wrong directions, as she will freely admit...but she has always found her way back home through her music...and through her music she has healed millions of hearts on that lonely road and brought them hope...and given them peace if only for awhile. I know ‘cause I am one of those millions...thanks, Caroline, for your devotion to your craft and for being one of the artists who truly practices their art and will always be the future of music, as you have been its past. The apps, the delivery methods, the hype, the flavor of the week starlet...will come and go, but the true artists will never die. Caroline, I am proud to have crossed paths with you..and to have been able to walk the path with you for a time. God bless you.”

~ Bruce Burch, songwriter

“Sensual voice, expert guitar, masterful songwriting.”

Victory Music, Seattle

"The Best Acoustic Act"

Atlanta Mag

"The Real Deal" Performing Songwriter Mag

"Underground Legend"

Santa Cruz Goodtimes

"CA tears her 12 string a whole new consciousness"

Blue Suede News

"Caroline is one of Atlanta’s most talented and respected performing songwriters. I guarantee absolute joy.."

Eddie Owen of Eddie’s Attic

August U’s writer’s conference was made all the more memorable by your terrific performance and craft talk. All starred reviews from all the respondees. Thank you!

Tony Kellman - Prof. of Creative Writing

Caroline Aiken, often cited as one of the cornerstones of the Decatur folk movement, has long been at the forefront of modern folk and acoustic expression, and her soothing, fine wood-grain voice purrs with a youthful innocence one minute, then growls like a wise old blue singer the next, marking each song with her trademark, time-honed stamp of quality...

- Lee Valentine Smith