Chauncey Bowers


photo by See Video below of song dedicated to me!

Might as well look at the video I posted of Chauncey Bowers - he dedicated the song about Spiders having Sex to me. Hot off the release of his debut CD, Rumors Of Reason, Chauncey Bowers is a man on a mission. His career path from assistant “repo man” to Harvard-educated scientist made an unlikely turn to the folk music circuit. Often compared to John Prine or Randy Newman, his barbed humor and explosive songwriting lights up any audience with whom his songs come in contact. "His songs make listeners think, and feel, and laugh – but the laughter has bite.” —Bliss Bowen, Pasadena Weekly "Chauncey Bowers is a world class songwriter, musician and performer... A Hidden Treasure" —Tracy Newman (Emmy Award winner) “One of the most original writers on the Los Angeles songwriter scene.” — Bill Berry, Songwriter’s Square