The Driftless


Their sound is largely shaped by the original music that we write, intricate three part harmonies and a focus on beautiful fiddle, mandolin and banjo soloing. I have been involved in many music projects in my life, and can honestly say that this one feels special – there is a joyful energy captured by this group that I think is rare. We have not yet played in your area, but have developed a following in the Santa Cruz - San Francisco area having played at various venues including: Don Quixote’s (SC), Crepe Place (SC), Alternative Cafe (Seaside), Amnesia (SF) and the Star and Plough (SF).

They are not enamored with typecasts of boxcars and cowboys, but are inspired by the fields and forests around us and the people and animals who share their lives. Like the Driftless Area, (a small area in the Midwest, left untouched by the last glacial age, creating a unique terrain without silt, gravel and boulders), playing music together is a consistent space where they take refuge and celebrate.