Simon Lynge


Simon Lynge has been to the future, and he likes what he saw, “I saw the mountains and the rivers and the beauty of us all”.

With those lines, Simon sums up his outlook on life and a basis for his music. His debut album, The Future, (just named Album of the Week by MDR – radio and TV in Germany) introduces Simon as a fully–formed contender for major success. It was recorded at Bright Orange Studios in Los Angeles with co– producers Matt Forger (Michael Jackson, Paul McCartney) and Jon Mattox (The Young Dubliners). The Future is a musical beauty worthy of the wide audience it is finding after entering the BBC UK charts at #22 one day after the June 7 release. It also hit #1 on the UK Rock charts. German Rolling Stone just did a two page feature on this new artist and The Koelner in Cologne said Simon’s music is “Full of fresh craftwork, positive energy and original ideas... This is so beautiful it makes you want to listen to it very loudly and again and again.”

The forces that shaped Simon for this moment are elemental gifts – a receptive mind and heart, a musical family, opportunity and bone– sure drive. Simon’s music roots are Inuit–Scandinavian. Raised in the beautiful steppes of Greenland, Simon’s early years were spent outside of school, at play, often helping to tend his neighbor’s sheep. He was constantly exposed to music and storytelling by his multitalented father Karl, who played accordion with the “Greenlandic Bob Dylan” Rasmus Lyberth, and also worked with Eskimo folklore in the Tukak Theatre Group. Simon later enrolled in the Holstebro Music Conservatory in Denmark, where he immersed himself in the study of drums, piano and opera. His musical hunger led him to the guitar and songwriting, and he quickly found himself co–writing and performing with exceptional talents in the Copenhagen songwriter scene. Invitations followed to perform at Kashmir Club in London, to write and perform on Nashville’s Music Row and in Los Angeles. To complete the circle, Simon recently returned to the Danish capitol to perform to 25,000 fans at the famed Tivoli Gardens.

He writes and performs mostly on guitar with a style that produces bell–like harmonies that splinter in gorgeous patterns around superb melodies. It’s there his spirit moves best. Never too clever or self conscious, Simon’s music wraps round you like a new hug from an old friend. When the word got out about Simon’s talents, it worked like a magnet attracting world–renowned talents like bass–player Lee Sklar (James Taylor, Jackson Browne), guitarist Shane Fontayne (Bruce Springsteen, Paul Simon), drummer Jay Bellerose (Marc Cohen, Madeliene Peyroux), and bassist Freebo (Bonnie Raitt, John Mayall, CSN).
In rather prestigious circles the brilliance of SimonÂ’s work on his debut album The Future is already being compared to the likes of Paul McCartney, Paul Simon, Elliot Smith, Nick Drake and other uncommonly gifted artists.