True North


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True North is an acoustic trio ensemble of three wonderful and well-respected singer-songwriters,; Eva Hillered of Stockholm, Sweden, Patrick Rydman of Gothenburg, Sweden, and Janni Littlepage of northern California, USA. Their respective styles traverse many musical genres from Folk and Americana, to Rock, Roots, Pop, Jazz, and Country, and their performances consist of songs co-written together, as well as their original material arranged for three voices and accompanied by guitars, dulcimer and percussion. Though they live on distant continents, they are great friends who love each other’s music, and have written songs together for the past few years. Performing for the first time as a trio ensemble at the Copenhagen Songwriters Festival in Denmark in August 2012, the response was overwhelming and they realized that what they had created together with the amalgam of their individual styles and the blend of their voices and vocal harmonies was very unique. Thus, True North was born. EVA HILLERED is a Swedish recording and touring singer-songwriter. Eva’s unique voice boasts a deep soulfulness coming from the need of expressing herself in songwriting from a very early age. She lives in Stockholm, Sweden. Eva has made seven solo albums, was grammy nominated for her debut album and she tours in Scandinavia, USA, and Germany. / / Video single: “For Peace In Us All” PATRICK RYDMAN is a singer, songwriter, musician and producer from Gothenburg, Sweden. He has appeared on many recordings, not least with the Amanda vocal ensemble, with several international tours and Swedish Grammy nominations to their credit. He`s also been a vocal soloist with several big bands and orchestras throughout Sweden, produced other artists and written music for stage and radio. / Video single: “The Gingerbread Man” JANNI LITTLEPAGE, from Northern California, is a singer, songwriter, poet, and musician. Throughout her career, she has worked with many notable recording artists, musicians, and producers. Janni’s song “A Rain Of Angels”, graces Lila McCann’s platinum debut album on Asylum Records, and recently, she released her own new album, “Strange Angels” in Scandinavia, Europe and the U.K. (publicity, Europe: / Video single: “All My Days” "True North is a gathering of songwriters, a chorus of voices, and the expression of many passions. True North possesses that certain subtle something. True North is that rock solid groundswell of music and purpose. True North has that, “Oh yeah baby!...that’s why we came to this concert!” moment, within every song. True North. Yes. Of course." --Daniel Mandel Music, Oakland, California