Brett Freshour


Brett Alan Freshour was born in 1991 in the small town of Lawton, Oklahoma. His mother (Annette Stewart) recognized his ambition to become the best at whatever it is he did at such a very early age. After joining the military, Brett’s mother and step father (Timothy Stewart) gave him the amazing opportunities to experience much more than most in a very short amount of time.

As a young boy at 7 years of age, I heard my first rock n roll record. ’’Nine Lives’’ by Aerosmith along with Tom Petty’s ’’Full moon fever’’ set my mind on the music for years to come. At the age of 9 years old a good friend of my mothers built me a skateboard mini ramp in my back yard. He was a hero to me because of this! As my friends and I took to the ramp I noticed William (Sully) Sullivan, set up on the deck of the ramp plucking at his guitar playing the ’’ Joe Dirt ’’ song ( Sweet home Alabama). I thought to myself ’’Wow, This guy is the coolest!’’ From that day forward until they finally gave in christmas the next year at age 10, I bugged my mother and step father for a guitar. My self taught style begins here.

By the age of 14 Brett realized that the poems he had written as a young boy matched wonderfully with the rhythm guitar skills he adapted. He quickly felt the desire to put a band together to start performing these songs at any gig/ open mic he could get into. Brett also just as quickly realized that music brought the band together but, money would be the only thing to keep it together. He started taking on side acting and modeling jobs by age 16 to fund his ultimate dream, which has always been to spread his Love, Peace, and rock n roll themed messages within his music.

In the summer of 2009 Brett started the band called ’’ The Locksmith’’. A local Monterey based modern rock n roll band who became well known in the Peninsula for their complex vocal harmonies and outrageous goth/retro stage attire. With notoriety from a performance on the local KION news and from various news and magazine articles, Locksmith seemed to be on their way. The band broke up after just 3 short years forcing Brett once again to be a solo artist.

Brett then took a break from music to focus more on his work for contractors at Central Coast CCD while also poking into real estate currently. Though he has spent a lot of his time lately in 2013 appreciating the other local artist in the area, he still writes new music daily crafting the wonderful ideas of the ’’ New Time’’ he intends to create. Brett currently prepares to record his first solo record in association with Kiki Wow of Carmel Valley. At 21 years old, he feels that the most important thing we can learn in life is that ’’ We are always students. With desire, enthusiasm, and absolute good faith, we are absolutely capable of accomplishing any thought or idea our minds can conceive. Our thoughts are the starting point of every single one persons reality’’