Irish Bombay

Favorite Classics

Irish Bombay is: John Michael Irv Hartford Russ Campbel C Joe Gough Irish Bombay is an exciting, new group comprised of 4 guys from Carmel Valley. They like to rock with The Beatle songs and other nostalgic tunes. John Michael, an Irish born vocalist, performed with acts opening for popular bands such as Chris Isaac, Third Eye Blind, Berlin, Huey Lewis, The Tubes, Alan Holdworth, The White Album Ensemble, Paddy Murphey, and many others. C. Joe Gough is another very experienced musician. He has drummed in acts opening for many big name bands. Irv Hartford is a popular guitarist here in Carmel Valley. He recently performed with the unDecided and the DooDads. His band opened for Blue Oyster Cult in the 1990s and he has been a member of Ground Zero, Backlash, and the YRB Band. Russ Campell holds down the bass end of the band. This versatile musician also plays for the Rotary Blues Band and has jammed with the unDecided and the DooDads.