Anomalous Peach

Acoustic Rock

Anomalous Peach: The band was formed nearly in the summer of 2013, However, guitarist William ’Sully’ Sullivan and Lead singer/ songwriter Brett ’The Anomaly’ Freshour date back all the way to 2001 when Sully was in the army stationed in Hawaii. Brett was just a boy as ripe as 9 years old when he heard Sully plucking away at the infamous " Sweet home Alabama". From this point forward Brett began to beg for a guitar and eventually would start writing his own songs at the early age of 13 years young. After 8 long years of the slightest connection through the Internet, Sully and Brett reunited in what was planned to be a "short visit". 3 years after, the two found themselves effortlessly writing new material, "No pre-meditations, just raw emotions" says Brett. It was a like act of fate when Sully suggested stopping at an estate sale on their car ride home one day. The day that Rachael " Peach" Williams would enter the two rock n rollers lives and instantly become one of the bands greatest assets with the voice of heaven and an ability to write and perform improvisational exceeding most. These 3 musicians have set out to spread a message mainly based upon the goodness within our hearts and their interpretation of knowledge in which required to becoming better human beings. With influence from bands like ’The Allman brothers"," Tom Petty &The Heartbreakers" and "Joni Mitchell", this is a very interesting blend with traces of folk, country, blues, and rock n roll.