Amber Lynn Nicol


Amber Lynn is an edgy singer-songwriter based in St. Petersburg, FL. She’s known for her smokey voice and powerful songs that span the boarders of blues, rock and country. She is entirely independent, owning her own record label, writing and producing her own music. Her much anticipated, full-length album, "Broader Horizons" was recorded in Nashville, TN and released on December 15, 2012. The album was successfully funded by Amber Lynn’s fans on The previous year, her “Beach Day” EP landed her TV, radio, and festival gigs throughout the southeastern US. Amber Lynn was featured in TBT’s 2012 Best Local Musicians Guide. She was born in New Jersey and raised up and down the East Coast. She moved to Florida with her family at age 15 to be closer to her Grandfather. Prior to that she spent most of her time in New Jersey and several years living in the small town of Morrisville, North Carolina. Amber Lynn is the oldest of four siblings. She took 12 years of dance lessons growing up and studied the piano and the trombone before finding her way to the guitar in her early teens. She started singing and writing before she was 5 years old. Amber Lynn’s plans for 2013 include multiple tours in the Southeast and out to California. She is currently writing songs for her new album, which has yet to be titled. This album will depart from the contemporary Nashville country sound that shines in her last two releases, and will feature a more electric blues and indie rock style, which is already evident in some of Amber Lynn’s releases like “Criminal” and “Ever There.” Amber Lynn has a puppy named "Roo Dog" and she loves him very much. He is smart and furry and he loves pig ears. Amber Lynn rescued Roo Dog from the Humane Society. He is a Mountain Cur mix. Sometimes Roo Dog hangs out on stage at her shows and accompanies her on the road as a security guard and co-pilot.