Dave Holodiloff Band

Eclectic Pop

I`M NOT KIDDING - THIS IS ONE OF THE MOST OUTSTANDING CD`S I`VE EVER HEARD! ORIGINAL MUSIC AT ITS FINEST! Dave Holodiloff is bringing the big band together for an acoustic adventure at the Safari Club on May 21st from 7-9pm to celebrate the release of his new CD. Equal parts jam and jazz, string band and symphony, the music is sure to delight and excite. The line-up will feature the full septet, and will include Dave Holodiloff (mandolin/vocals), Peter Mellinger (fiddle), Stu Reynolds (sax/clarinet/penny whistle), Kenny Stahl (flute), Steve Uccello (bass), Derek Bodkin (guitar/banjo/percussion), and Nik Bortolussi (drums/clarinet). For fans of Bluegrass, Gypsy Jazz, Reggae, Rock, or Funk the music will appeal with surprising twists and turns. The evening’s program will celebrate the release of Dave’s new CD, and feature his original music. There will be a CD raffle and a special sale on CDs to celebrate the album release. The Safari Club is a fantastic local lounge and a perfect spot to enjoy a great night of music. The night’s entertainment is hosted by the fabulous Kiki Wow. The lounge features a full bar, cozy atmosphere and dance floor, so come ready for fun. Half off your first drink with admission, door prizes, and discounted CDs the night of the party. CD Information: Dave Holodiloff’s new album combines timeless influences from diverse music traditions to produce an original acoustic sound that is unique and exciting. The album fuses elements of Funk, Bluegrass, Jazz, Celtic, Traditional, Latin, and Folk to create a sound that quickens the heart and stirs the soul. Complex rhythms are interwoven with exotic harmonies, haunting melodies, and daring improvisation to produce unexpected and delightful music. Lushly instrumented with mandolin, violin, guitar, string bass, piano, drums, percussion, saxophone, clarinet, and flute, the album features superb performances by Kenny Stahl, Stuart Reynolds, Steve Uccello, Peter Mellinger, Nik Bortolussi, Billy Jones, and of course, Dave Holodiloff. Order the CD and learn more at htttp://www.daveholodiloff.com/cd Additional CD Info: Dave’s music is a unique blend of symphonic and improvisatory, and to realize his vision he brought together a group of musicians of vast skills and talents. Their combined professional experience is more than one hundred and fifty years, even though Dave, Nik, and Peter are all under thirty. More than fifty years separate Kenny Stahl, the oldest, and Peter Mellinger. The album was funded in part through a grassroots fundraiser. Bio: Dave Holodiloff is a mandolin player, vocalist, composer, and band leader known for his inventive arrangements, expressive musicianship and ability to inspire partnerships with amazing musicians. Dave has made a name for himself both as a performer at festivals and concert venues and as an acoustic event entertainment specialist, bringing the party to weddings and events throughout Northern California and beyond. A devoted craftsman on the mandolin, his extensive repertoire spans Bluegrass, Jazz, Celtic, Brazilian, Latin, Gospel, Funk, Rock, Reggae, and Traditional music from around the world. This diverse mastery of styles comes together under Dave`s high energy precise playing for a sound that is rich, unexpected, and exceptionally fun. He has recorded and released eight albums that capture traditional acoustic music at its most dynamic. The diverse recordings include Bluegrass, Jazz, Celtic, World Favorites, Holiday Classics, and even a Grateful Dead Bluegrass Tribute. Please join Dave Holodiloff for an evening of exciting music and fun at the Safari Club inside the Bay Park Hotel on Thursday May 21st from 7-9:00pm.