Concave & Machines Learning

Alternative / Indie

Concave instrumental post rock direct download of the album "History Is The Future" This time around the live band again features Jon Ugale (drums) and Mallory Mickel (bass) of Granted Earth as well as my recording engineer Aaron Rauber of Franklin Street Studio on guitar. bio: Seaside, CA based multi-instumentalist musician James Findlay brings to life the sonic fury of Concave with heavy guitars, thundering drums and creative bass lines while still conveying thoughtful melodies with effects laden guitars that complete the soundscape of this instrumental rock music. Concave began in the bedroom of a house like many bands do, except without the multiple like-minded people usually needed to create music. Findlay forged ahead on his own with a cheap digital recording setup and little knowledge of recording. Originally writing and demoing at home under the moniker Cycle 23, Concave was born with the release of "A Journal Of Civilization" in 2006, a self recorded and self released documentation that showed promise for the future and highlighted a love for bands like Hum, Shiner, Isis and Pelican. In 2011 a major leap forward was taken and a clearer, more concise picture of the Concave sound emerged with the release of "History Is The Future". Featuring 6 tracks of noisy post rock that was recorded and co-produced by Aaron Rauber at Franklin Street Studio in Monterey, CA, this album again tipped it`s hat to bands like Hum and Pelican but had other influences like Dianogah and Don Caballero shining through. A fellow Seaside, CA band with a similar heavy sound and influences called Granted Earth stepped in and has become Concave to help re-create this music in a limited number of live appearances since the albums` release. Continually driven by the need to create challenging and thoughtful music, Concave continues into the future with the planned 2013 release of "Time Is The Fire In Which We Burn" Machines Learning (from San Diego, CA) indie rock personel: paul balmer - guitars, vocals bradley botbyl - bass mario quintero - drums live drums: william driskill anthony robert dixon bio: Melodic and abrasive in the right places, Machines Learning will punch you in the chest and massage you with hypnotic passages. They hit hard with a revitalized loud quiet loud approach of the early 90s, bands like My Bloody Valentine, Sunny Day Real Estate, Sonic Youth and Hum all come to mind. When the band aims at a build, they are relentless. The song Bulletproof Tiger is a great example, the precision pounding drums, body rattling bass and wall of guitars reach such a tremendous crescendo that there is nowhere left to climb. Instead the song’s peak empties into a well of sound, a soft ambient abyss, giving you just enough breathing room to anticipate the next triumphant build, which comes soon and spikes immense. Singer / Guitarist Paul William Balmer sighs with a unique soft innocence which works especially well juxtaposed against the angular serrated guitars of satAMcoffee. That same soft innocence can give way to a fierce piercing howl when the necessity of the dynamic dictates, matching the intensity of Mario Quintero’s arena worthy fills and Bradley Botbyl’s steadied driving bass work. Machines Learning reclaims the potency of the trio, building a tremendous sound that leaves the listener marveling at the fact that three humans are indeed making it. They are the essence of rock n roll, bass, guitar, drums and vocals, all that was ever needed to move the mind and heart and shake the soul to its core. The band is composed of three San Diego natives, brought together through the crosspollination of a fertile music scene. Brad and Paul had played together in the band Better Class of Flying Man and later Petticoat. After Petticoat broke up, Paul began concentrating on Immovable Objects. Multi instrumentalist and owner of Black Box Studio, Mario Quintero was engineering the Immovable Objects record. After Paul had recorded his guitar parts he had some extra riffs he wanted to lay down, Mario offered to play drums, Brad got the call on bass and Machines Learning was born. -- James Findlay Oscillator Records 831.238.1603