Sons of Twang

RnR, Country, Mixed Styles

You are gonna LOVE this style of music -"Country and Western, R+R, and R+B with TWANG" The Sons of Twang were conceived out of a longing for the danceable American and British Invasion singles and B sides that we all loved dearly, but seldom heard. Fun music that never took itself too seriously. Jangly, Twangy, rock and roll and uptempo C+W tunes are our forte; skillfully executed by a veteran bunch of honky-tonkin` miscreants in full-on midlife crisis: Scott Dickson- Fender Telecaster, lead vocals, and cultural insights; Magic Dave Handloff- 12 string Rickenbacker, vocals, and punch lines; Matthew Medeiros aka Tommy Toms- drums, tenor cowbell, and rim shots; Michael Adams-vocals, bass, guitars, and straight lines delivered in an impeccably British accent. The Sons have long and varied backgrounds performing professionally and recording in many different genres. We are happy to offer a whirlwind trip through some of the great songs that we love, and hope that you will, too.