Delaney Ann

Country Western

Delaney Ann is a 14-year old country pop singer/songwriter/guitar player from Monterey County whose debut album will be released on I-Tunes on April 28th. Delaney taught herself to play guitar when she was 10 and wrote her first song that same year. To date, she has written more than 60 original songs and performs all over Nashville, Texas and the Central Coast. She is endorsed by Daisy Rock Guitars and is a member of Rick Barker`s (Taylor Swift`s former manager) Music Industry Blueprint Program. She, and other local teens have formed a band, which will play at The Artichoke Festival is Castroville at 5pm on Saturday, May 31st. Band members are Emily Radner, 13, drums; Ronnie McClean, 15, guitar; and Mason Brandt, 15, base. Delaney`s CDs will be available at local events and some local stores that have supported her for the past years: The Village Market, K&Co, DO Re MI Music, and Music Unlimited.