Spice Trade

Salsa / Cuban

Spice Trade is: JEFFREY PINE Naturalist, conservationist, environmentalist; Singer, songwriter, guitar and piano; concert performances of music, stories and humor; Opens major acts; Over twenty five years professional experience; Original and limited edition wildlife artwork and photography, speaking engagements, multi-media exhibits. Perhaps an artist`s greatest achievement, aside from the quality of the art itself, is that exceptional ability to remain fresh, dynamic and relevant in an ever-changing profession. This rare quality is a hallmark of renowned vocalist, songwriter and recording artist Jeffrey Pine. A veteran of over three decades of live performance, song craftsmanship, recording and entertainment, Jeff has acquired a well deserved reputation as one of America’s premier solo artists. Accompanying himself fluidly on steel and nylon string guitars, Jeff`s live performances are exciting events that appeal to a broad range of ages. His musical palette is a rich mosaic of rock, pop, folk, jazz, country, blues, soul, calypso and flamenco. Jeff`s rich vocal tenor and overall sound are often compared to and reminiscent of music icons Sting, John Mayer, John Denver, Cat Stevens, Van Morrison, Bill Withers, James Taylor, Harry Chapin, Gordon Lightfoot, Nick Drake and Burl Ives. Employing original music that is both evocative and instantly memorable, Jeff`s presentation and subject matter can at times be simple and direct, or metaphorical and visionary in context. As well, Jeff`s songs often touch on personal themes or current events, and can range from the comic to the symphonic. Whether creating vivid imagery through lyric and melody, or uniquely interpreting the human spirit in stories and song, if only to entertain or to inspire, Jeffrey Pine is the apotheosis of a modern day troubadour. Born in Reading, Pennsylvania and currently living in Telluride, Colorado, Jeff is also a celebrated fine artist, wildlife photographer and a dedicated advocate for the environment. Jeffrey will be performing with Percssionist: RICHARD TAVENER