Jim Koch


Jim Koch is a singer/songwriter known in some circles as “The Relationship” songwriter. Like other writers he writes about life’s observations, although he is credited with writing the healthiest love song ever written, I Want You. Born and raised in Wichita, Kansas. Jim was born the son of a Broadcast Radio Engineer named Cliff, and Shirley, a piano playing housewife. Both parents also sang in the church choir, so consequently the house was always filled with music. Jim’s professional musical life however, began as a fusion of music and technology. As a teenager, Jim and his brother Steve would accompany their dad to KFDI, a mid-market station in Wichita. One year Jim worked all summer at the station to earn the money to buy a reel-to-reel tape recorder that he and Steve used in recording their songs. In his early adult life, Jim felt the urge to escape the Kansas landscape and he moved to Dallas, Texas. But after a couple of years in Texas he moved back and founded a Country/Rock group playing music that he had brought back from the Lone Star State. Ultimately though, Jim was pulled back to Dallas and became involved in several band projects. During this time, Jim gained a reputation as an excellent Recording Engineer/Producer. Jim loved producing local talent that he felt had a unique sound with commercial potential. He teamed up with friend and fellow musician, Mike Lovitt, in starting their own production company and studio. At this point both men started working on their own projects. For a while Jim Koch was still producing local talent, and doing an occasional live recording of performances at local clubs, and Universities, but he never stopped writing his own unique material. Though Jim co-produced 2 CDs for his band Ooga Booga, and a couple of others for local artists, Jim released his own live CD, Crimes and Missed D minors. In 2009…Jim Koch relocated to Monterey, California and released his studio produced CD, Two Foot Fetish (2011 on Promethean). He did a small summer tour to Nashville and back to promote the CD. Now he is living in Wichita, Kansas and is currently working on a third CD which will return him to his Country/Rock influences.