Ames & Mary Anne Anderson

Acoustic Folk / Indie

submitted by The Anderson`s Website
Mary Anne is an eclectic artistic mix of soup to nuts. Her early musical training began in the theatre; she then taught herself to play guitar. After college, she traveled through Europe as a Busker (street-singer) “picking up languages like a vacuum cleaner picks up dust.” Later, she expanded to Jazz and sang at Rio de Janeiro’s hottest nightclub, “People”. Since she and Ames met in ’97, she has been playing acoustic music with him and they have three CDs, “Simple Pleasures”, “Musaic”, and “Live at Big Sur River Inn.” Her other CDs include, “Beautiful Dreamer,” a collection of jazz originals, and a new release, “Rendezvous,” a smooth jazz duo project with guitar master Doug MacDonald. Mary Anne has also won awards for her lyrics, poetry and playwriting. Her one-woman show, “BAR LIES… and other tales” premiered at the Carmel Performing Arts Festival. “Letters to a Love Unsung/Cronicas de un Amor Eternal” by Ana Luca (her nom de plume) is a bilingual love story and includes a soundtrack CD, featuring original compositions from acclaimed Brazilian composer, Weber Iago. They have performed this multi-media work in California and in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico at the renowned “Authors’ Sala.” For nearly three decades, she taught English language and American culture to adults from all over the world. A California boy, Ames attended Williams College in New England. He spent a summer in Vermont helping a friend build his house - a dome construction of ferro-concrete and chicken wire- and became a builder/contractor. Another interest he brought back from New England was Bluegrass music. He bought a 1920‘s Gibson mandolin found in a beat up banjo case for $25 and taught himself to play, and is now proficient on all the stringed instruments he can get his hands on: guitar, mandolin, dobro, ukelele, and more. In 1997, Ames came to repair an electrical fixture on Mary Anne’s front porch, and lit up her life! Together they share a love for music (and each other), producing a delightful harmony of sound and soul. Their songs range “from Celtic to Cowgirl, Hawaiian to Folk, Beatles to Bluegrass, Golden Oldies, and Originals” as they play their bevy of stringed instruments. They split their time between Cambria, California and Maui, “two of the most beautiful places on earth.” Ames has two children, Shenandoah and Ryan, and Granddaughters Hanna and Thea, who bring him great pride and joy.