Favorite Classics

A Retreuxspect performance is like reliving the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s all in one whirlwind night. First, take some Van Morrison and Santana and mix in a bit of The Beatles. Then a pinch of The Temptations, and a shot of The Rolling Stones... Lead singer Scott HawtHorne’s soulful vocals pay homage to the great rock bands of the past while putting his own spin on everyone’s favorites. Backed by a talented foursome - Brian Luddy on guitar, Mike Lowe on bass, BoB aguiLar on the keyboard and Steve atwood on drums - the band plays through a wide variety of classic rock covers so well, they manage to please everyone from the 80’s rock enthusiasts, to those who actually grew up during Rock’s Golden Age. Based out of Hollister, California - Retreuxspect entertains audiences up and down the Golden State. The band steadily builds their performance to keep the crowd connected and to keep ‘em coming back for more! Their growing devotees love to sing and groove along to their favorite classic rock covers. You can’t help but get into the show whether you grew up in the 70’s or just wish you had!