Joan Baez / Bob Dylan Tribute

Tribute Band

Joan Baez & Bob Dylan Tribute A narrated concert celebratIng the iconic careers of Joan Baez and Bob Dylan. In her tribute to Baez, Nicole Dillenberg performs selections from “Any Day Now”, the iconic double-album of Bob Dylan songs released by Vanguard in 1968, shortly after Joan Baez and Dylan parted ways. Baez, who was instrumental in putting Dylan on the map, was the very first to sing his songs. Bald Dylan (Dan Frechette) continues the journey…performing an excellent, uncanny Dylan interpretation with songs from Blonde on Blonde, and other seering hits from the peak of Dylan’s songwriting career. Performer Bios: Nicole Dillenberg has spent ten years interpreting the American Songbook. She has performed at multiple venues throughout the United States, including the Metropolitan Room in New York. Recent performances include Society Cabaret at the Hotel Rex in San Francisco, and the Arthur Newman Theatre in Palm Desert. Nicole, who was six when she first heard the album "Any Day Now", credits Dylan`s line from "North Country Blues" "…I was left alone with three children…" with fueling her desire to sing torch songs. Bald Dylan (Dan Frechette) is an award-winning Canadian singer-songwriter, now living in Central California. He’s written more than 1,300 songs, was signed to a major songwriting contract at 17, and has penned hit singles such as “The Mists of Down Below” and “You Don’t See It” for The Duhks, Dervish, and other international bands and artists. Frechette was thirteen when he first heard one of Bob Dylan’s albums. Says Dan of Dylan: “The first time I heard “Desolation Row”, it changed my whole had an apocalyptic madness."