Scott Dickson aka Dr. Twang

Dance / Classic Rock / Covers

Scott Dickson, AKA Dr.Twang! has been playing guitars in bands since before Disco died. An avid ethnomusicologist and a student of obsolete musical technology, Scott co-wrote and recorded "EXPOSURE" with Phoenix based sci-fi space rock icons Hillary Blaze, recently re-released on Rockadrome records. "The spacey punk vibe, sizzling guitar and snotty vocals make the album a somewhat unique experience for it`s time. The original vinyl pressing is rare as hen`s teeth and a prized score for collectors. Taken from the original masters, the sound is nothing short of killer...." Finally a "Spinal Tap" moment finally came for Scott around 1988, when someone gave him John Hiatts` "Bring The Family"CD, and he traded the Gibson Flying V for a Telecaster, 3 chords, and the search for truth. Scott plays guitars, Dobro, and lap and pedal steels. A proud member of the California Bluegrass Association, he now lives in Pacific Grove, California, with his trophy wife and rescue cat.