Wes Speight


“There are a great many blues-rock bands in Seattle these days, but the one led by songwriter Wes Speight is notable for its particularly gritty and gutty take on the genre.” - Seattle Weekly “The swagger... of a Jim Morrison, the chilly command of an Ian Curtis, the rough, masculine soul of a Greg Dulli. As a singer, Speight possesses a soulful voice, which he bends and distorts to fit whatever effect he`s going for.” - Rev. Adam McKinney, The New Frontier Lounge, Tacoma WA “His music gets better and better as the days go on and we’re excited for his new Rejection Letter EP. It’s reflective, stripped down, classic and bold... drops of Leonard Cohen tones, “Karma Police” tones and something all his own.” - Jake Uitti, founding editor, The Monarch Review – Seattle`s literary and arts magazine Originally from Tennessee, Wes has played in cities across the nation including San Diego, Manhattan, Louisville, Nashville and Portland OR, as well as Vancouver BC. His music varies widely from bluesy to tribal to acoustic rock. When performing live, this musical sorcerer evokes a new meaning of stage presence, channeling something cloaked and hauntingly mysterious. His richly complex, versatile and sometimes otherworldly voice and music are irresistibly spellbinding. Speight is a bit of a musical virtuoso, playing harmonica, bass, synthesizer / keyboard, mandolin, and percussion as well as guitar. He has released 2 EPs and 4 full length albums: 2011`s Lie & Wish, 2012`s Hackneyed, and 2014`s Transmigration. His new release, You May Proceed, was recorded with his band The Apollo Proxy, featuring the dynamic drumming of Glendon Kisner, the sweet finesse of lead guitarist Eric Sepulveda and the deep pulsing resonance of bassist Jonathan Murphy. Speight`s songs have been heard on various stations around the country including Lightning 100, WRVU, NWCZ radio, Seattle Wave Radio and Radio Crystal Blue. He is signed with Washington Street Publishing in Nashville, which represents some of Nashville`s top songwriters (including those with #1 country songs, BMI, ASCAP, CMA, Emmy & Academy Awards) and was recently listed as one of the “top Seattle bands to watch in 2015” by NadaMucho.com. Solo acoustic performance, John Jacob at Bob`s Java Jive, Tacoma WA, 5-16-15 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vv6zABVvDeI Wes Sp8 & The Apollo Proxy, Sunny Day Lament live at Robert Lang Studios https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O0PeL9y3UmQ