The Jade Shack Kids of CV

Easy Listening

Six months ago, I put up a flyer to teach guitar lessons at the Fro-n-Joe Yogurt Shoppe in Carmel Valley. In less than a week, I got a call from the coolest lady, Plasha Will, who lined up five kids for a group lesson! I asked Greg Edenfield to help me teach so we anxiously went to meet five of the most incredible kids weve ever had the honor of introducing music to.

Hayden decided he wanted to play bass; Rocco decided he had to play drums and is adding the mandolin; Stella plays guitar and surprised us with her super vocals when she stepped out of her shyness; Eva is the clever songwriter and plays the ukelele and now that they know three chords, its on! We went back to the Fro-n-Joe for a concert last Sunday and packed the deck under the giant oak tree. Everyone was enjoying their colorful cups of frozen yogurt while the students played songs like Eleanor Rigby, Horse With No Name, Slip Sliding Away, etc., and the response was overwhelming. It was one of the most special concerts Ive ever put on because of the shear joy of passing on the love of music to these gifted kids and their receiving such a positive response of onlookers joining the party and singing along.

The only thing lacking at the gig was a P.A. because there were so many people there, so well be doing another show Friday at Trailside Cafe from 6-7pm in Carmel Valley through a sound system so the kids can hear themselves amplified. Joining us will be another group of kids from Marina that started lessons about 4 months ago: Aden (lead guitar), his brother, Owen (keys) and Eliza (guitar/vocals). All of the vocals are so pure and in key, you wont believe your ears. Funny how some seeds a few months ago has changed my life so dearly! Not only is my life enriched by these young kids grasping songs with enthusiasm, a relationship has developed between all of the families. We look forward to meeting weekly for lessons and dinner. The fellowship is so natural and bonding - who knew a little flyer in the yogurt shoppe could reap so much goodness now present in our lives?