Karrie Pavish Anderson


Galena, Alaska, a remote village on the Yukon River might seem an unlikely locale for a singer-songwriter with an active touring and recording career. Karrie Pavish Anderson flourishes in this remote locale accessible only by plane, an indigenous Athabascan community where resilience and fortitude are rooted in the frozen darkness of winter and the glorious arrival of the midnight sun. There are no Wal-Marts or Starbucks in Galena and no recording studios, so Karrie tracked her 2012 CD Once Blind in Los Angeles. Over a one-week span, a cast of empathic musicians and vocalists breathed life into the tracks. Strings, a gospel choir and rich acoustic instruments illuminate the richness of Karrie’s expressive voice and luminous song craft. With the release of that CD, Karrie performed shows in a variety of locales between Los Angeles and Seattle, then traveled east to Delaware, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York and Ontario. The next leg of her tour took her to Louisiana and California before she headed back for shows in Alaska. On Karrie’s website is an area designated “World of Good,” which links to various endeavors that are committed to helping others. In 2012, the Alaska Governor’s Office posted the music video from Karrie’s single “Let Love In” on their Choose Respect: Breaking the Silence website to help end domestic violence and sexual assault. “Where the bears and the ravens feed/That’s our mall,” sings Karrie of her chosen environment. “It doesn’t matter where you are or what limited resources you have, you can do what’s in your heart,” she concludes. “You can still live in a place like this, and achieve your goals.” As the transcendent artistry of Karrie Pavish Anderson beams across the tundra and the glaciers, it echoes the sound of endearing warmth and the providence of welcome assurance. - Dan Kimpel