Elijah and Javier

Blues / Rock / R&B

What started off as a regular frendship at the age of 8, soon progressed into a life any musician would kill to get. By the age of 12 we found ourselves writing music, but since then, our music has only evolved into something beautiful that our audience can connect with. OUR INFLUENCES ​Growing up under a roof that only listened to rock and roll and heavy metal, we were heavily influenced at a young age by bands like ACDC, Guns N` Roses and John Mayer. To this day, we still feel the nostalgia of those bands but now our taste`s have changed to Avenged Sevenfold, Owen Campbell, Incubus, and Ed Sheeran. OUR DREAMS As kids we would joke around about being rock stars and touring around the world. Now, our reality is just to play music not for the fame but rather for an emotional connection with our fans.