Steven Graves

American Roots

This is honest American roots music. They are compelling, beautifully crafted, and fully realized songs. It’s just really good. – Dennis McNally | Grateful Dead Publicist American roots based singer-songwriter Steven Graves‘ first professional full-length release was in 2010. It was aptly Steven Graves Press Photoentitled, Make A New World. That first album title foretold much of what has unfolded in the last seven years in Steven’s life and artistic career. Steven’s music and worldview are always grounded in assessing who we are and how we can make for a better world for ourselves and each other. As his first few album names divulged, Making a New World is but a Matter of Time for Steven Graves. Graves describes his musical journey as, “A spiritual path of self-discovery founded with authenticity and purpose.” While Graves music defies any one genre, he merges country with folk and rock very much like the Southern California singer-songwriters of the late 60s and early 70s which included the Eagles, Graham Parsons, Jackson Browne and so many others. Graves songs revolve around a depth of spiritual and social consciousness that truly makes him unique as a singer-songwriter. Steven describes an “unstable and turbulent” childhood as a force that drove him deeper into the solace of a “musical universe” and started his lifelong quest to understand the true meaning of life. “Writing songs and jamming unchained me and set me free into a magical world that went beyond mind and beyond the worries of the world outside,” he says. Steven’s amalgamation of genres stems partly from an early exposure to old-school country music legends such as Johnny Cash, Merle Haggard and Willie Nelson along with the popular music of that time including Motown, The Beatles, Elvis and the psychedelic bands from the 60’s. He explains, “My muses are stuck somewhere between the consciousness of Steven Graves Press PhotoEckhart Tolle and the artistry of Pink Floyd.” While Graves music is all original, there is a comforting familiarity present as one can easily hear such influences as the Eagles, Grateful Dead, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, and others coming through. When it comes to his stylistic synergy, you never know what to expect. “Whether it is psychedelic country, hippy rock, or Americana, I like to freestyle my creative concepts,” he comments. As a songwriter, Steven has been prolific, releasing a total of seven CDs including his new CD Captain Soul set to release on January 9th, 2017. More rock leaning than Graves’ last record, Mission Bell, the new CD was recorded with Steven’ veteran band as it was written, so the recording and writing process became interwoven “taking on a life of its own” says Graves. Recorded entirely on “old school” analog the CD retains a sonic richness that is often rare in today’s highly produced digital world. Based upon Steven’s past releases, Captain Soul is expected to receive significant radio play both nationally and internationally. Let it Ride, released in 2013, peaked at number thirteen on the Roots Music Chart. Take a Stand, Steven Graves Press Photofrom that record, approached the Top Ten on the New Music Weekly Country Music Chart, gathering over 28,000 spins on country music radio. Steven’s Matter of Time CD climbed as high as number eight on the Relix Magazine and music charts. In addition to these accomplishments, his song “White Buffalo,” from the Matter of Time CD, was nominated for a Native American Music Award (NAMA) in 2012. One of Steven’s biggest fans and advocates is Dennis McNally, who has worked with the Grateful Dead for more than thirty years. With McNally’s help, the band has an ever growing presence in the Grateful Dead and circles. The band has been touring several States throughout the Westcoast over the last two years playing festivals and local venues building an impressive fan base. Steven Graves is much more than a musician; he is an artist, an activist, and a visionary; a truly authentic individual who is willing to live, love and experience life in alignment with his vision of a more peaceful world. Steven feels there exists a parallel reality can replace the current one once a critical mass of people awakens to understand what is possible in their lives. For Steven Graves, Making a New World is just a Matter of Time!