The Proudest Monkeys

Alternative / Indie

The Proudest Monkeys: The Proudest Monkeys is a musical collective operating out of Monterey, California. In 2016, band leader Trevor Lucier released the album, "Destruction of the Species", to a welcoming, and supportive local music scene. Following a successful first show, which was declared one of the area`s best shows of the year by local publication The Monterey County Weekly; the rest of the group came together around a mutual conviction that music is a potent resource in the movement to bring humanity closer together. With this ideal in mind, The Proudest Monkeys have set out to perform all over the Central California Area in an effort to bring together the many local scenes that exist in the region. Equipped with an arsenal of several albums worth of original material, the band is currently in the process of building a hefty war-chest in order to get their high-energy theatrics and concepts captured precisely in the studio. At the helm of this endeavor are members Ricky Swete - Lead Guitar; Mourad Shehadeh - Keyboard; Tim Ingram - Drum; Trevor Lucier - Vocal/Bass Guitar; Nick Stoeberl - Vocal/Percussion