Robb & Linda

Variety Show

Linda has a saying: “I breathe, I sing”. This is her way of saying that singing has been an important part of her life for as long as she can remember. She has a wide variety of experience in live theater; in comedy, drama and musical theater. She has performed both as a soloist as well as in various choirs. She toured with the Continental Singers in 2002, traveling to Bulgaria to perform in various cities throughout that country. She has been a student of Anne Burleigh’s for the past four years and credits Anne with changing her vocal range from a low alto to a high soprano. Thank you, Anne! Robb grew up around music. From a young age he was serenaded by the sounds of his mother singing with her two sisters in a popular trio. His father was a radio announcer by trade and sang duets with his mother from time to time. “I have a distinct memory of sneaking up on stage so I could stand next to Mom and Dad while they sang.” Robb has been studying voice for 10 years and performing locally for a number of years. Including the Cannery Rouges Barbershop Quartet, The Cypressaires Chorus and various local shows and venues. In In addition Robb enjoys designing costumes for stage. “The joy of singing is to experience how for a time it brings happiness to others.” Linda and Robb began singing together about a year ago. When they realized that their voices had a unique blend, they decided to continue singing together and have formed the duet they call Interlude. Although they will sing almost any type of music, they have a fond preference for music from the 1930’s to the 1970’s.